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I’ve written about many things related to personal and spiritual growth over the years and shared some of my own personal experiences and stories as well.

Like for example when I went through the challenging and many times hellish spiritual awakening process, and when I left Scandinavia and moved to Spain with only two suitcases, my laptop, and my cat.

And when I lost everything and became homeless and how that experience helped me work through and release all remaining fears from my mind and consciousness that had blocked me and held me back.

I had only 9 euro left to my name, and to be able to have roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, I did house and pet sitting all over Andalucia and Costa del Sol, and some other traveling as well.

In many ways (but not always), my website reads almost like a documentary of my own personal Hero’s Journey.

All the old articles from my awakening process for example has been left unedited in order to keep the authenticity and realness intact. I decided early on to leave them as they are and not edit them because that’s where I was, that was my journey and process, and that’s also why so many people can relate to what I’ve shared.

To get an idea and feeling of the content on the website, please see the Start Here and Quick-Links page, and for my most recent articles and postings, check out the Blog.

Happiness and freedom come from within yourself; from empowered thinking, living intuitively, and honoring your own inner truth and individuality. Your life becomes a beautiful synchronistic unfolding where you encounter the exact right people and things at the exact right time to guide and propel your life forward in joy, fulfillment, and success.

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