I’ve shared about many things here on my website, among them some of my own personal experiences and stories.

Like for example the painful and difficult spiritual awakening process (that’s how most people find my website), and when I moved to Spain and then lost everything and became homeless.

I had only 9 euros left to my name and to be able to have roof over my head and a bed to sleep in I did house and pet sitting all over Andalucia and Costa del Sol.

I was homeless for two and a half years or so and shared about all the magic and miracles that happened when I followed my intuition and the flow of Life, so there’s a lot to read here!

Feel very welcome to start a conversation below any of the articles, I’m always open to share more and to help in any way I can.

That was the purpose of my struggles and the challenges I went through; so that I can help others through the sharing of my experiences and the understanding and insights I’ve learned and realized along the way.

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