There’s a lot to read here!

I’ve shared about many things here on my website, among them some of my own personal experiences and stories.

Like for example when I went through the challenging and many times difficult (hellish) spiritual awakening process, and when I moved to Spain and then lost everything and became homeless.

I had only 9 euros left to my name and to be able to have roof over my head and a bed to sleep in I did house and pet sitting all over Andalucia and Costa del Sol.

I was homeless for two and a half years or so and shared about all the magic and miracles that happened when I just kept following my intuition and the flow of Life, so there’s a lot to read here!

Feel very welcome to start a conversation below any of the articles, — I’m always happy and open to chat and share more about everything.

I can help you progress faster and avoid many pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes, — There’s no reason why you should have to learn and grow the hard way like I did!

That was the purpose of my struggles and the challenges I went through; so that I can help others through the sharing of my experiences and the understanding and insights I’ve learned and realized along the way.

For more information about me and what I do nowadays, please visit the About and Home page.

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