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I’ve written about many things related to personal and spiritual growth here on my website, and shared some of my own personal experiences and stories as well.

Like for example when I went through the challenging and many times hellish spiritual awakening process, and when I left Scandinavia and moved to Spain with only two suitcases, my laptop, and my cat.

And when I later lost everything and became homeless and how that experience helped me work through and release all fears from my mind and consciousness that I’ve previously had about money and ‘survival’.

I had only 9 euros left to my name, and to be able to have roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, I did house and pet sitting all over Andalucia and Costa del Sol, and I also did some traveling around in India as well.

During that time I did massive inner work removing blockages and self-limiting beliefs that was blocking me from experiencing wonderful money flow and abundance in my life, which then lead me to the life I live today.

All Good Things in Life Comes from Alignment – Prosperity follows the heels of alignment, love comes, health, peace and confidence is restored, and beautiful synchronistic events and encounters with the exact right people guides our life forwards in joy and in freedom.

Awakening and the Process of Transformation of Consciousness

Many people who are in the awakening process find me through an old article of mine that I wrote many years ago called “Why aloneness on the spiritual path is a blessing”. You can find the article HERE.

I have not edited any of my old articles in order to preserve the authenticity and rawness of them. That was where I was and that is why people can relate to it, because it’s from my own personal experiences.

There’s 13+ years of content here, so there’s a lot to read and listen to, wherever you find yourself on your own path in life. To get a feeling of the content on my website, see the Quick-Links page, and for my most recent articles and postings, see the Blog.

Feel very welcome to start a conversation below any of the articles, — I’m always happy and open to chat and share more about everything!

There is absolutely no reason at all why anybody should have to learn and grow the hard way like I did.

That was the purpose of my struggles and the challenges I went through; so that I can help others through the sharing of my experiences and the understanding and insights I’ve learned and realized along the way.

Alignment truly brings everything, and Anything is Possible! There is no limit to consciousness. — It’s only when we are out of alignment that we struggle and suffer and experience lack and limitations in life.

Alignment is the Key to all Manifestations!

— Experience Vast Improvement, a “clicking into place”, In All Areas of Your Life —

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