Ask For Guidance When Things Feel Off

Here I am, it’s morning and I have just woken up from an eleven (!) hour long sleep – I really needed that, and I have just had breakfast and a cup of coffee (yes, I drink coffee again now and then) and I’m marveling about how I ended up here in Competa.

I could have been on my way to Dublin today, but here I am, sitting in this wonderful little apartment in the heart of Competa, with the windows wide open where I can see the beautiful views and feel the warmth of the sun that is shining outside.

Life is good. So good.

And although I know I only have this place until end of June, I have no worries about the unfolding of events because this one (this path) feels right so only ‘right’ can come out of it.

As I shared with you in my last email (join my mailing list here), when things feels off or ‘not right’, the best way to get things right again is to go within and ask for a clear lead and direction.

If you remember what I shared with you about me going to Ireland; that someone had given me a room that I could borrow in Dublin over the summer, and I purchased the flight tickets and everything, but as things progressed in that direction things began to feel off for me.

Not to get into the details too much but the person who had offered me the room began to behave in a way that made me realize that going to Dublin would be a huge mistake, but it was my only option (as I could see it then) so I went out to sit under my meditation-tree to get this whole thing straighten out so it could be ‘righted’.

I know that whatever answers and solutions my surface level mind can come up with there’s always the unknown too; the solutions and answers that are not yet known to my conscious mind, so I go within and by doing that I allow the best answers to surface and be known to me so that I can move in the direction that is best for me. 

So I sat there and talked with myself (the higher aspect of myself that sees everything, that has the birds-eye-view of the situation and who sees which way it’s best for me to go), and I wrote (journaled) and meditated, and when I intuitively felt I was done, I then released the whole matter to the universe. 

This is what I shared in the email to my mailing list:

Ask For A Clear Sign Or Lead That Gives You An Inner “YES”!

If there’s something in your life that doesn’t feel right, or that feels off; go within (in meditation) and say something like this and see how wonderfully Life responds to your asking:

(Provided you really let go and surrender to Truth).

“Something doesn’t feel right about this. If it’s not the right thing for me, then prevent it from happening in a quick and harmonious way.

I only want what’s best for me and whatever that may be; I accept it fully.

I ask that the right door will open for me and I ask that it will open quickly.

I will know that the door that opens is the right one because of the YES I feel in my heart.

I now release this matter to the higher, all-knowing part of me that has the whole picture, trusting that the best outcome happens and unfolds quickly”.

I want to add that I emphasized the importance of “quickly” as whatever change that had to happen needed to happen quickly for me; things just had to get ‘right’ and it had to get right as soon as possible because of the situation I was in.

This was in the late afternoon and the next morning when I woke up I had received a few emails from the person I was going to live with in Dublin and when I read them I instantly knew without a shadow of a doubt that going there was not an option for me; I had been given a very clear sign that I should not go.

So with that clarified in my heart, the fact remained that I had no clue where to go now that Dublin was not going to happen and I had to move out from where I lived at the moment, and I had to move out within days. 

And here’s what happened next;

I opened my other email inbox and there I found an email from someone that had tried to call me the evening before (probably right after I had done my thing under the meditation-tree) and she told me that she had an apartment for me that I could borrow for the month of June!

Here in Spain – so I didn’t have to leave after all! 

Not that I hadn’t looked forward to go to Dublin (I did look forward to it), but I would have preferred to stay in a sunny and warm country like Spain, so I was thrilled to say the least.

But, ..! She was going to go away for a week, leaving Spain that very same day (on a holiday overseas), and because the phone-lines were so bad up where I was currently living in the mountains I had missed her call the day before, so a somewhat frantic search for her began – I had to get in touch with her before she would leave Spain so that I could get the keys to the apartment.

And within a few hours I got to talk with her on the phone (phew!) and we arranged how I was going to get the keys and so on, so that’s what happened in a nutshell 🙂

Things ‘righted’ themselves very quickly, just as I have asked. 

So here I am, still in Spain (which I love!), in ‘my own place’ (at least for now it is) where I have peace and quiet to write, have sessions on Skype (and in person), and to do my Teleclasses and everything else that I am guided to do.

And it feels wonderful! 🙂

What comes after this month I don’t know, but I know this; when things feel intuitively ‘right’, they are right, and when we are in alignment with our own natural flow of life, then there is no obstruction to the unfolding of (right) events.

But with that said, there can be obstructions (or feelings of restrictions) to the flow in times of transition though (even when you’re in the flow), and I will share more about that in another article soon.

The transition time has not been easy nor comfortable for me lately, it never is (for anybody), but as we just plough through them (without backing out) we eventually come out on the other side ‘as gold’.

And I did came through it, and as I said; here I am (still in Spain), life is good, and a new phase has began in my life that I am really enjoying, so stay tuned, I have lots more to share 🙂

View from window

I feel very blessed 🙂


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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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