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Dare To Ask For What You Want

Besides from the power of intending and deciding, asking is also important.

It’s one of the most important things you can do in life.

Asking yourself is one thing; to go within and ask for guidance and direction and so on, but also to ask others if there’s something you want, whatever that might be, that’s important too.

It can be about anything;

Asking for help and assistance with something, or asking for a better room in a hotel if you’re not happy with the one you got, asking for a raise, asking for a date with someone; asking for and about literally anything!

For some people asking is very difficult.

They are more concerned about how they look and how others will perceive them, they feel unworthy, or they let fear of rejection stop them from asking for what they want.

So today I want to invite you to ask for something despite of your fears and concerns.

Amazing things has continuously unfolded in my life because I am not afraid to ask. 

I ask myself, the universe, by writing down my goals and intentions etc and I’ve never shunned away from asking other people for help if I have needed help with something.

Even if it has felt awkward or uncomfortable at times, I’ve done it anyway. 

Ask for what you want and don’t let the ego come between you and your true desires.

My message today is that if there’s something you want;

Ask for it and see what happens. 

If you ask for a date or a raise or whatever it may be and you get a “no”, then don’t let that discourage you.

At least you asked! You dared to ask and you didn’t let fear hold you back and that is Spirit right there.

So you won anyway, didn’t you 🙂

Now that you’ve asked you can move on with your life instead of being stuck in indecision in a “should I, should I not, what if”-state of mind.

At least now you know, despite of the answer you received. 

And if you don’t know what to ask, who to ask or how to ask, ask within for direction and you will always get it.

Simply close your eyes for a moment and ask within:

  • What should I ask (for)? What would be good and beneficial for me to ask?”
  • Who should I ask? Myself? The universe? Someone else, a person? Who?”
  • How should I ask?” What is the best way to go about this?” etc.

Don’t think too much though, just go immediately with what comes up.

The keyword is to DARE and overthinking it will just kill the whole thing.  

ASK and see what unfolds from that. Keep asking and you will receive – in abundance!

Whatever answer you receive, you will always learn something new and be able to move forward and continue to progress on your path. 

Don’t get stuck in indecision; keep moving forward by asking both within and asking other people and see how life continues to open up for you more and more! 🙂 

“Most people never ask, and that’s what separates the people who do things from the people who just dream about them” – Steve Jobs

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