The Questions Your Ego Doesn’t Want You To Ask

Spiritual awakening means that you wake up from everything that you think and believe is true, and that includes all kinds of spiritual concepts and beliefs such as third eye openings, chakras, crystals and rocks with magical energies in them, inner child healings, purple lights, spirit guides, and even God; whatever spiritual idea or concept you hold as true actually isn’t true at all.

But until that realization hits you, you will continue looking for Truth in the mainstream spiritual market, and you will not be aware of the fact that it’s all the ego doing it, impersonating itself to be you.

The ego is the one who starts the spiritual quest but it’s doomed from the beginning, and when people start to get deeper into the process of awakening their life starts to crumble; things begin to go “wrong” – and this is all part of the awakening process, and this is also usually when people go even more into delusion because they shun away from the process thinking something has gone wrong. 

It’s the ego that wants to be enlightened but the ego can never have it. 

It’s not the person-‘you’ who wakes up, it’s consciousness waking up from ‘you’. First the ego ‘dies’ and then the self disappears too. 

Most people don’t know that to awaken means that the “I” (the person they take themselves to be) will die, they don’t know that the awakening process is a process of death and rebirth, and that once they’re in it there’s no way out, only through, yet the one who goes ‘through’ it is not the one who goes beyond it. 

And it can be immensely difficult, grueling and fiercely exhausting to go through, and that’s where mainstream spirituality comes in as an attempt to rescue the false self which most people take themselves to be.

But this can’t be seen until you’re on the other side (of awakening), then you see how unnecessary all that was; all the techniques and spiritual tools you have tried and used; which we all have done, I’m not speaking about ‘others’ here; believe me, I have done it all myself so I know what I’m talking about.

Bottom line is; you want out, but it’s too late because Truth has a hold on you and won’t let go.

This might sound negative but sometimes people also find great relief in knowing that, that depending on how far they have gone, because when you have come to a point where you know the illusion of the world, you don’t ever want to go back but you are also not yet able to move forward, so it’s not a picnic in the park, this awakening thing.

It’s not what the mainstream spiritual marketplace (or religion or whatever it is) tries to sell you and not many go beyond the idea of awakening because they believe in all the sales pitches their ego’s get fed with.  

Truth is that when you think you’re making progress you’re only moving into more and more delution in the spiritual marketplace.

You go from this teaching to that, from this teacher to that, from this technique to another and nothing really gets you anywhere.

Until you question everything.


This is what the ego doesn’t want you to do.

It wants to live in the box of beliefs and concepts (that’s what holds it together), thinking it can survive there (or even thrive), and in a sense it will as long as the box is never opened and looked into more closely.

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It’s just not possible for people to see beyond their conditioned (spiritual) self when they are not open to be stripped off of every belief they hold, every cherished dear belief about all kinds of spiritual concepts that they think is the truth.

True spirituality means that you have to go into the darkness you have been avoiding, you have to get out of denial, and you have to relentlessly look into how you’re deluding yourself because you know something you don’t want to know and you know it.

You know it.

That’s what you need to look into more deeply.

What is not working in your life? And what belief are you holding that says your life should work (by now)?

What beliefs are holding the illusion together?

It’s always a belief and that belief has an emotional attachment to it that feeds your ego, or the false self.

What is that?

Demand direct experience and reject everything that is not delivering what it promises.

Learn to think for yourself and question your beliefs. All of them!

What do you really know for sure?

I don’t want you to just read this and agree (or disagree) with me thinking ‘it’s a great question’, I want you to really look;

What do you know for sure?

No matter how much or how long you search for the answer the only answer there is is that all we can know is “I am”. That’s it. That you exist. That is all we can know for sure. 

But, .. what are you? (“Who am I?”)

And also ask yourself; 

“Am I deluding myself somehow, if so, how?”

“How am I deluding myself?” 

Really ask these questions, don’t just read them.

Really look to see what you find.

Throw every concept into the fire of Truth and see what survives, what remains.

What can possibly survive but Truth itself?

But, .. “What is the Truth?”

Ask that.

Ask the questions that your ego doesn’t want you to ask but don’t expect to receive the answers through your conscious, surface level mind.

Truth itself will reveal them to you…

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