Ask The Powers To Prove Themselves To You

This is not a new age post but something that I have done within the past few days and that has given me answers I needed within 24 hours, so I wanted to share what I did with you so that you can do it too.

I’m back in Sayalonga with my cat-friends again and since I came here I have had a few days where I have done a lot of introspection and some personal (inner work) stuff.

A lot of sitting by the fireplace talking and writing to myself, or the wisdom within me.

And a couple of days ago I sat and pondered some things that I really wanted to understand and know, so I wrote everything down, I talked out loud about it and then an idea suddenly came to me…

Here’s  a snippet of what came out of me as I wrote:

“.. then that power, which sees what I write right now, sees me sitting here and hears me speak, then this power should be able to help me within 24 hours.

If the power can’t, then it’s not powerful after all and I will dismiss it for all future things.

I will cut it out of my life, period. I don’t work with weak powers. I work with great powers.

This is my new rule and I’m gonna swear by it; I give anything 24 hours but if I don’t see results or evidence, then I dismiss it.

Then it’s not a power for me. I only want to work with the best and most powerful.

If it does come through for me then I commit to it and our collaboration is for life, a sealed deal.

And I’m very loyal once I’m committed.

I don’t play games and if you play games with me, I’m out in that very second.

I always act immediately, you know that, so I expect the same from you from now on.

You should be able to meet my request if you’re powerful and if you can’t then I guess you’re not powerful and in that case you’re simply just not for me.”

I spoke a lot too (out loud), I just fired straight from my heart and went for it, no holds barred.

I know within myself that there are many powers that emanates from the same place.

I mean inspiration is one power and it speaks to me in a certain way, intuition is another and so on, and then there’s other powers that resides within me that I can ask about all kinds of things, things that has to do with my life and so on.

And they have their own way of communicating with me and back to me.

Another thing; I also said that I’m obviously only working with powers that are coming from a place of Love, I just think that’s a good thing to add for clarification for your own intentions with this.

So, I spoke, wrote, meditated and pondered deeply about things that were on my mind and heart and when I had said what I wanted to say I took my hands off of it and said something like this;

“I’m going to give you a fair chance and not meddle with any of this for the next 24 hours so that you can have all the freedom you need to show yourself to me without my interference”.

This was in the evening and I went to bed, and I’m telling you, I won’t go into any details since it’s personal but it came through for me already the next morning.

It really did come through for me and immediately I said thank you (of course) and I also sealed the deal and promised my loyalty to it.

Then I got even more bold that same evening and I thought, ‘hey, I’ll do this again with some other questions I have’, and so I did.

I want to add that this is an intuitive thing, it has to come from an honest and sincere place within you.

I don’t do this for “fun”, to ‘test’ it or something like that, that to me is disrespectful.

I won’t use it unless it’s very important.

And this was (is) very important so I did it again last night before I went to bed and this morning I woke up by a male voice that spoke to me and I’m alone here, it’s just me and the cats so I knew it was not coming from a human.

It didn’t scare me, it sounded like a voice I knew I could trust, plus, I have heard voices before so hearing it again wasn’t strange or weird for me.

It said something to me that has to do with what I had asked about; it brought a knowingness to me that I needed, and it brought me peace, direction and clarity, so I feel very grateful and also curious about how this day will unfold since I’m in the midst of the 24 hour ‘deadline’ I have put on this question to answered, so I’ll see what comes up.

But I was so inspired to share this with you already now because it amazed me how quickly and powerfully it came through for me, it was very clear to me that what it from ‘it’.

I was in awe. That type of amazement.

And I also had a feeling of ‘rightness’ or obviousness, like something had clicked into its right place within me, or a deeper place (since consciousness is eternal and the deepening or understanding never ends), like “okay, now we’re talking, this is how it’s gonna roll from now on”-type of feeling.

So I wanted to share this with you, maybe it’s something you can do as well for any questions that you have about your own life.

I want to emphasize that it’s important that you come from a loving place.

Even if you’re frustrated with something you can still come from love – it’s like tough love I guess, where you require or almost demand a response, and the thing is that when I did this, it felt like – first of all; that Life had guided me to do this.

And it has too! This is all Life speaking to Itself, and 2:) I felt that it wanted me to be more assertive in my asking, and this feeling came to me only a few moments after I started to speak and write about these things.

I mean I’ve never been timid when doing these types of things, and I have been doing them for as long as I can remember in different ways, but it felt “daring” – Yes, that’s the word!

It felt daring, and now that I write this I remember that it felt a little bit like when you’re really pushing the boundaries and you get butterflies in your stomach, when you know you’re a little bit out of line but not enough to be too pushy.

And then when I was done, I was like “BAAM! Done.”

Not really! – There was nothing arrogant about it but there was definitely an attitude.

I liked it! I’m laughing out loud now that I’m thinking about the attitude I had haha! 😀

And I felt like It liked it too! 🙂

So I hope you get a similar experience if you choose to do it.

That something powerful comes through for you too within 24 hours after you have asked about the things that are important to you in your own life.

Cats by fireplace
It can be a little idea that comes to when you sit by the fireplace that will help you open up your world. Go with it.
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