What you assume and imagine creates your world

Your assumptions creates your reality. 

What we believe on a core level (for most people this is completely unconscious because they are not aware of even having beliefs) and what we assume will happen (which for most people is based on past experiences, in other words, their past failures, hurts and pains=memory), is exactly how life unfolds for us. 

So we don’t really ‘create’ anything, but we draw things in by our vibration (energy), which is generated by our minds and state of consciousness. 

This is why so many people are experiencing the same things over and over again in their lives, or nothing they do works and they become more and more frustrated, which of course is an energy vibration that draws to them more of the same experiences, events and conditions; even more to be frustrated about. 

It’s vitally important that you become aware of your assumptions and beliefs, because those are the things that determines what portion of creation you will experience.

I’ve said it many times before, and I say it again;

Consciousness is everything.

A state of consciousness is how you think, feel, believe and what you mentally give consent to and there are an infinite number of states of consciousness and by your free will you can choose whatever state you wish to live in.

Life is your beliefs and assumptions expressed, so no matter how much a person tries to change the outer circumstances, nothing will change until they do (as we are beliefs expressed). 

They will keep banging their head against the wall and become more and more frustrated because they don’t see the results or outcomes they want to see.

Because imagination is what creates, and you can create (draw to you) whatever you fancy, but if you keep imagining the same things over and over again, .. you know. Not a fun way to live at all.

It’s much more fun to be in creative control of your reality. 

We are always using our imagination.

It’s just a matter of switching it towards something you actually want to have or experience in your life.

And it’s just as easy – and far more interesting, to imagine yourself to be happy and successful as it is to dwell on lack and failure.

Imagination is what creates, so why not imagine amazing things for yourself?

Your mind is projecting thought onto the screen of consciousness; everything is a creation of the mind, and consciousness is the canvas on which you paint (imagine) your life. 

We’re never more than one thought away from a whole different experience of being alive/of life.

Whatever you imagine, believe, and assume is always being out-pictured in your outer world, and if you don’t like what you experience, you have the power to change that. 

When you begin to use your mind and energy in the right way you’ll get immediate results, and it’s only a mindshift away; a shift in your beliefs and assumptions

Change them, and your life changes too. 

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