Critical Thinking: Astrology

In my youth I was very interested in Astrology and it has followed me throughout my whole life so I think that’s why this particular belief-system was stuck with me for such a long time.

It had been ingrained in my mind for so long that that concept was among the last concepts to go with the spiritual awakening process. (I don’t believe in Astrology anymore).

I remember especially some years ago when I was living in Spain and went through a difficult time, that’s when the questioning started for me.

I started to feel that Astrology wasn’t accurate and I felt almost addicted to reading them during the really tough time of my life because they brought me a little comfort and hope.

Who doesnt want to hear that next month is going to be the most spectacular month ever if we find ourselves in a stressful or challenging time?

Deep down I knew it was bogus but like an addict I read them anyway; I was a horoscope junkie. 

I remember one specific time when I just stopped and asked myself “what am I doing? why do I read these?”, and the answer that came to me was that I did it because it gave me a sense of hope. (Even if it was false hope). 

I wanted to read that ‘this month you will meet with unexpected success’ or whatever, because it soothed my mind and my frightened ego wanted to hear someone reassure me that this month things will surely change in my favour.

(And no, I didn’t sit on the couch waiting for the stars and planets to align so that success would magically manifest before me. I used to be huge on taking massive action towards my dreams).  

At that time in my life I still believed in God so I remember asking God “do you want me to stop reading these..? Is that what’s happening?”.

Now in retrospect I can clearly see that that was when the crumbling of the concept started for me, but it took a few years before I became free from it.

Sometimes the mind is stubborn! 

What intrigued me to question my beliefs was when my mind didn’t want to read other peoples horoscopes to see if they applied to myself as well.

What if I read Libra or Capricorn or some other signs horoscope instead of my own? Would it still resonate? (I did found that whatever star sign I read it could always be true for me in some way or another). 

That was a reason enough for me to actually do it, because I felt that “hm, .. interesting that I feel resistance to doing that”, so that’s when I began looking into the whole concept more deeply and did some real critical inquiry into it to see if it was true or not.

Lately I have done all kinds of research, read a lot online, watched videos, read forums and so on to get to the bottom of it, and it has been very enlightening. 

Sceptical inquiery is very healthy and even if we today can have people monitoring our social media and website comments 24/7 and none of the “negative” comments are published on the astrologers site or YouTube channel, or they are usually immediately deleted (this goes for some contemporary Guru’s YouTube and Facebook pages too), we can all dig a little bit deeper and then we will find those who speak out about their true experiences when it comes to not only the astrologers themselves but Astrology in general.

We just need to look beyond all the positive comments and reviews that they show to the public.

I also recommend you Google “Astrology and Science” etc, look at the scientific facts and the more intelligent and educated discussions about it. There’s a reason it has not been accepted as a science. 

To think back and think that I was once one of those that told others not to buy a car when mercury is retro and so forth makes me giggle a bit I have to say.

I wonder if someone thought that I was annoying 🙂

Today when I hear someone ask me what sign I am or tells me something about where my moon is I’m like “oh, no.. here we go”, so I can understand if someone thought the same about me. 

What I have read a lot lately are very similar postings all over the internet and they go a lot like this: (See if you can relate).

…In 10 years, I can’t say my life has mirrored her readings at all. Yet every month, on the first, there I am on her website, or now, her app, which often has the posts up sooner. I don’t know what it is but I can’t quit her. I’m a compulsive horoscope reader…”

Does that describe you too? I can definitely relate, and I have come to find that many people have the same experiences.

It seems to be a similar appeal as it is to the drug addict who just keeps coming back months after month, year after year for more.

Astrology is for those who cannot bear to face an unknown future, when a ‘pretend’ one (even if we know it’s not true) is better than not knowing. 

Most humans want to know if their success is coming soon, or if they will marry on the ‘right day’, or if they can buy a new car this month or when they will meet the love of their life, but no one can in reality predict those things. 

I don’t think I’m too far from the truth saying that if you’re a reader of horoscopes, you probably read lots of them especially when you’re hoping for something to happen that is completely out of your control, am I right?

I never was into the whole 2012-thing and I always thought it was kind of stupid and I wasn’t going into panic having an identity crisis either (I didn’t care) when the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac suddenly was newsflash, but I know millions of people (it’s a huge business) was having a major meltdown and were full of self-doubt asking “who am I now then if I’m not an Aries? Oh my God, I’m a CAPRICORN?” lol.

That buggered up a few things didn’t?

It certainly rattled the cages an bit and that’s a good thing.

People started to question their assumptions and I read some very interesting articles and postings about people having their minds in total disbelief, but the great thing is that it also opened a lot of peoples minds, because if we go with what has been opened up for us and revealed (even if it’s uncomfortable) and if we allow ourselves to have doubt and if we actually question ourselves, then Truth will reveal itself to us. 

Just like it does when asking someone who believes in God which God (because there are thousands of them) it is they believe in can open up a crack in someones mind and they start to question their own beliefs.

I’m also intrigued to ask which astrological system it is that someone believes in who brings up Astrology in a conversation with me. 

Eastern, Western, .. Vedic, Mayan, Babylonian..? (As there are are numerous astrological “systems” in the world. Which one is “the right one”? Like which God is the right one? Yours?).

Beliefs (whether they are spiritual or religious) are simply ideas and have nothing to do with Truth.

To just start to question your own beliefs is very enlightening.

The problem is that where we have such strong emotional attachments to our beliefs, and a huge avoidance issue, that’s why we get stuck sometimes even if we know that something we do is totally nonsense, like reading horoscopes while knowing they are not true.

We’re funny creatures aren’t we? But I have hope in humanity, I really do 🙂

I’ll publish PART 2 shortly and you will find it here:

Stay tuned.  


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  1. Kristi

    I have never been regular horoscope reader. I have been investigating it more deeply just couple of times in my life. The part of horoscopes that makes most sense for me is birth horoscope. For an example what zodiac signs match together and so on. In my life I have experienced that there is quite a piece of truth in these… of course I would never tell anybody to leave a friend or spouse because your signs don’t match together. Neither would I do it myself. But deep inside I still feel that the great universe gives an influence for the life of the person on the moment he/she is born. I can’t say anything about causal relationship. Maybe the person chooses to be born at that exact moment to be that person… It doesn’t have to be that the big universe makes you to be who you are… and I also think that it’s only an influence that you get when you are born. During your lifetime anything can happen… you can live your life way broader than what was expected on the moment you were born. So my view is a bit more flexible. Maybe because I have never been so deep into Astrology.

  2. I have done those too; the birth horoscopes and also had astrological readings and sessions with astrologers in the past but now I don’t see any validity in any of it.

    I wasn’t a fanatic in any way, meaning I didn’t say that people are the way they are because they are such and such sign, or that they should not go out with someone of that sign or this, those things actually irritated me when people did to me.

    (When they had preconceived ideas of me as a person when all they knew about me was my sun sign, or when they said that they are a certain way because they are a Leo or something, so annoying).

    When Mercury was retrograde I used to advise my friends to wait with buying a car for example and I always did backups on my computer etc but I never pushed my beliefs on people. If they wanted to buy a car I wasn’t upset about it or anything.

    I used to do the full moon thing always and also new moon stuff (years ago), and I usually knew when I had this or that planet in the houses etc, those kind of things.

    The past year or so I have only read a few monthly horoscopes here and there basically (while knowing it’s not true. How funny the mind can be!:) but now it has left me completely. There’s nothing left with Astrology that interests me anymore and it has no relevance to reality in any way. (At all).

    And also, yes, if I met someone I usually looked up if we were compatible. So when thinking about it, I actually also judged people based on what their sign was. (Had preconceived ideas of how they were before I really knew them).

    Haha! So funny to think about now 😀

    (The mind sees what the mind wants to see as we all can more or less fit into any description).

    In part two I will write more about those things, and also about the birth time and how it is not influencing us at all.

    I might do two more articles on this instead of one, I have written a lot of notes so far and I think it will be a long next article too, I’ll see what I’ll do.

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