I’m an Atheist

Who knew how life would unfold!

I could not have anticipated that I one day would come to call myself an atheist, but here I am now doing just that.

That’s one thing I have learned throughout the years, that we can never predict or control in what direction life will go, but as long as we go where it wants to go, the more we evolve and grow.

And the more we stay with our old ways (usually out of fear of the unknown or fear of losing something that we hold dear, which most of the times are beliefs and ideas) the more stagnated and rooted we become – and we feel less alive, life becomes but a routine with not much of variation and change.

That’s where most people are – stuck in belief-systems, whether they are religious or “spiritual”, oblivious of the reality that is beyond all beliefs and spiritual ideas.

Never in my wildest imagination could I ever have imagined myself leave the concept of spirituality behind me, but that’s what has happened.

That’s what spiritual awakening has lead to for me; to wake up from spirituality itself. 

I have always been a person who has questioned everything on a deep level and I think that has been a huge help for me as I’m naturally curious and have a desire to know things for myself and have a direct experience of something rather than only hearing about it. 

You simply have to be brave enough to question not only what the world tells you, but also your own assumptions and beliefs, and look closely at what you see and hear – be attentive, because life always shows us what we need to see and we can’t see it until we look.

Of course there can be a sudden insight into reality and spiritual openings and so forth, but don’t count on them, don’t wait for some huge revelation to land in your lap.

Investigate everything for yourself and don’t take anything anyone else says as Truth.

That is one thing that has baffled me so many times; seeing people worshipping other human beings and taking what they say to heart (accept it as being ‘true’), but only on a conceptual level.

They never look for themselves, they just follow one Guru or spiritual teacher after another, or they think they are suddenly enlightened if they have a spiritual experience and then they live on that memory but they never go any further; they stay with the experience and they defend it with all they have (and are very offended if their beliefs are challenged) – believing that the experience is the same as being enlightened. (Enlightenment is not a ‘state’ or an experience).

So if they aren’t following Gurus and spiritual teachers all over the world, sweeping their ashram floors and kissing their feet all day long, they take a spiritual experience they have as being The Awakening and they become carbon copies of a spiritual teacher and have that stereotypical ‘spiritual look’ and behavior that so many ego’s respond to, and both they and their followers stay completely deluded, because they don’t take things further.

They stay with a concept or idea thinking that’s it.

That’s what I see more and more and I can’t stand it to tell you the truth. It’s like a new religion, and I have no respect for religion, it’s the most poisonous thing in the world.

I don’t listen to Satsangs anymore either and stopped watching them a long time ago as I can’t look at the charade people are putting up for each other, pretending to be all holy and saintly, soft spoken and loving/compassionate.

I often wondered if that’s how they talk and behave at home too and I must say that I doubt they put up that kind of a show at home around the dinner table.

It amazes me how gullible people are, that they just continue buying into that, year after year, decade after decade, thinking someone else (or something outside of them) has the power to enlighten them. (Or that Jesus will save them. Many Christians haven’t even read the Bible!).

So I used to download them and listen to the mp3 on my phone instead so I didn’t have to see the show so to speak, (even though listening to the young women giggling in the background when their beloved Guru spoke was a bit annoying too lol:) but I stopped doing that too as it became more and more difficult to relate to as they kept babbling on and on about Jesus and God and Buddha and so on (even the more mature Gurus and teachers); because to me it’s so obvious and clear that God (whatever name you use) is not real, it’s all imagination and it has no base in reality.

It’s as clear to me as the unreality of Santa Claus.

And I can say this with absolute confidence even though I have met Jesus and even though I was saved by an angel in my youth and even though I have had numerous spiritual experiences when I have felt ‘the presence of God’ or whatever – even though I have experienced a lot of “divine” stuff in my life; I now see it as something Life manifested for itself in the way that I could relate to at that time in my life. (If I had been into trolls or fairies then my brain would have manifested visions of them instead).

So it doesn’t diminish any experiences I have had. 

They still remain profound and life altering and was very real as I experienced them, and maybe I have other ‘spiritual’ experiences in the future -I don’t know and it’s not important either as I have never been inclined to chase spiritual highs or experiences. 

You can have religious/spiritual experiences without a God. (And life is so much more beautiful and free without a God). 

The brain is a magnificent thing and life can show itself in infinite ways but in all that there is no God.

God does not exist, and that is very (very) clear to me, so when I was feeling that I was moving away from spirituality as well it was easy for me in a way to chose to use the word “atheist” instead of agnostic or humanist because it is that clear to me that God is non-existent.

I don’t like labels, and I don’t like calling myself anything in particular, but I do feel that atheist rings both true and authentic to me, and I feel a necessity of making that statement.

Not only for myself (because I receive emails and comments where people refer to God and I just can’t do that, I can’t respond to people as if God was real even if I have written many articles about God in the past – it’s just not relevant to me anymore – so I feel the need to be clear on where I stand), but also for humanity at large as I see the whole God concept as something that keeps people small and limited, no matter if they perceive their relationship with a God as loving and good.

It’s still only a belief and has no base in reality (even that which is lovely and nice will fall away if it’s not rooted in reality), so for me to stand up for atheism feels natural, although the Scandinavian and most European countries are mostly non-believers and atheists anyway, it’s not a big deal here as it is in for example USA. (Although many Europeans believe in a deity or higher power).

An atheist doesn’t believe in any God, religious or non-religious (AKA “spiritual” or ‘higher power’).

My readers are mostly from the USA so for me to go out with this can mean that my traffic and readers will decrease and people might leave me because of it (as many who are not religious but call themselves “spiritual” still have a belief in some kind of a ‘divine deity’), but to me it’s more important to be clear and authentic than to be liked and approved of, so it feels like the most obvious thing to do, to just say it and then move on from this point on having made that clear for my readers.

To continue being true to who I am and to follow what is right for me is a given.

That’s what’s most important to me, and that is also what I want for others, and one thing I know is that what is real and true is not to be found in any concepts or beliefs so I will continue being outspoken about what I see and what I have realized, and those who want to listen they stay with me, and those who don’t want to hear me are of course free to leave and go in a different direction or stay where they currently are.

We just have to have the courage to dive right in – to stay true and honest with ourselves at all times, and let go of that which we have outgrown. 

Give up clinging to your beliefs, let go, and your true nature will unfold from within.


The days are getting colder and darker – and a few days ago it snowed for the first time.

I have never accepted guest posts on my website before, but I felt inspired to do that now so lets see how it evolves.

If you would like to submit your story, fill out the form below.

The story has to be about your awakening from spirituality and God (whatever word you use).

It’s not obligatory that you call yourself an atheist, but it has to be about awakening from spiritual beliefs and ideas about “God”.

I have an intuition of this happening more and more, not only in religious circles but in spiritual as well and it can be inspirational for others to read and realize that they are not alone and that nothing strange is happening – they are simply coming home to themselves and that’s a beautiful thing even if the process sometimes can be a bit disorienting and even difficult, especially if you’re religious and are ‘coming out’ saying you don’t believe in God anymore.

Write it in a way so I can easily copy and paste it into a post (I don’t want to use unnecessary time in editing it etc), and leave your Twitter handle as well.

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The posts that I chose to publish will all be public. (And not for members only).

Submit your letting go of God (or higher power) story below.

(If you’re new to my website: Please note that it has to be about letting go of beliefs/concepts – or better put; have had Truth remove them all as it’s usually something that happens to you and not a choice – and not merely changing them as Truth is beyond beliefs and ideas, it’s what remains when beliefs has been seen through as not being true.

Realizing that there is no God has nothing whatsoever to do with new age ideas or personal development and self-help and I will only publish submissions that has to do with a genuine awakening or realization).


*** I didn’t get any response on my idea of post submissions about letting go of God and now the ‘moment’s gone’ and I decided to not accept them anymore after a few weeks of having the opportunity out there for people to share their stories. That’s how it goes sometimes:) If the idea comes to me again some day about some other topic I’ll let you know. ***

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