It’s not about your ability, it’s about your availability

Are you available for God to work through you?

It’s not about your ability and skills (or lack of them); it’s not about being worthy enough to do God’s work, it’s not about being good enough, educated enough, experienced enough – it’s all about being available for God.

Are you?

The ego will tell us that we are not enough yet, that we have to evolve more, know more, suffer a bit more so that we become wise and mature enough, that we need to have more experience and become somebody before we are ready to share what our hearts are calling us to express and share with the world.

I encourage you to not give a hoot about what the voice in your head might be telling you and to not be afraid of making mistakes.

“God knows my heart” is a sentence I often share with people who feel fearful of making mistakes, and to say the words within your heart, “you know my heart God and I know that if this is not for me then it will not happen, and if it is then it will” releases us from a lot of fear.

It’s also important to be patient and to wait for God to move through you and not act prematurely, and always pray and consult with God – and know that all the insecurity and confusion is divinely designed to pull you closer and closer to God (metaphorically speaking as we are It) and the more we turn to God for guidance the clearer we can feel the hand of God directing and showing us its ways.

This is also how intuition grows, we become more and more sensitive to whether or not step back a bit or take a huge step forward courageously.

Sometimes we are asked to stay put and other times we’re asked to take action, and how we learn when to do what is by throwing ourselves into it wholeheartedly.

That’s how we learn. 

Maybe there has already been a lot of trying on your part, a lot of stumbling and falling.

Maybe your faith has been tested to the limits, maybe you have relentlessly continued doing what you consider to be what you are called to do for many years and you still can’t see any of its fruits.

Maybe you are on the brink of giving up or throwing in the towel.

But I want to encourage you just keep following the heart, come what may.  

Not that it is about ‘getting’ anything, that’s not why we should do anything, but what I’m talking about is how faith and trust grows because of our hardships and difficult times; and it can only grow by walking by faith (and not sight), and it is by rejection, hindrance, hardship, challenges and so on that we learn that we can trust God and persevere on the journey of the heart.

It’s a humbling process that leads to complete dependence on God and not the world nor other people. God is the provider and our boss, at least I work for God, and the ways he has provided for me so far are miraculous. 

In times of discouragement there is only one way we can turn, and that is within, so it’s all a part of ‘the plan’. 

A common question for many is:

“How do I know this is what God wants me to do?” and my reply is; we can’t know for certain!

We can only go for it or stay passive and afraid that we might make a mistake.

That’s how we learn. By doing.

Nothing is set in stone until we are actually living it, and along the way we are free to change our minds.

You can do research and investigate into things you might want to pursuit but are not yet sure about and then change your mind later on if you come to realize that it’s not for you after all.

You are entitled to change your mind and not go through with it.

But to begin the journey and constantly communicating with God about what you’re about to do will show that you are only interested in serving Truth and willing to make mistakes for it, that you have the backbone that is needed on the path of the unknown.

God just seems to like courageous people! 🙂

We don’t always know why we feel drawn to do certain things (and where they will lead) and we can’t know anything for certain (ever), we just have to follow the Spirit, and the things we need will be added unto us (as the scriptures says) when we first seek the kingdom of God (the will of God).

If experience is needed, experience will be given, if education is needed, education will be given, but in essence it’s all about availability and not about our ability.

To be available for God is all you ever need to be.

As the little child in the kindergarten we learn by doing, but somehow the curiosity and fearlessness that kids have is not to be found in many adults, and what that is about is because there’s too much references to past experiences and so called failures. Kids don’t have that.

Every moment can be looked at with fresh eyes and the moment we see how we drag the past into the now is also the moment where we realize how doing that holds us back. 

When God puts an idea in our heart we must begin by beginning to work at once.

Yes, there’s the risk of it not succeeding, but then again, it might.

And if success is our goal, then we have to take another look and see if the idea is not created by the mind in order to gain or get something out of it. (The real goal is in the actual doing, not the fruits of the doing). 

But still, however we look at it; we have to just get on with it!

Who cares about failures??

That’s not the point in serving God; life is not about you, but about doing the will of God.

And there is no way of learning an art like making music, or learning how to play tennis, a new language or whatever but by practice.

Yes, we might stumble and fall, but wasn’t it fun trying? Try again!

Let neither the fear that you can’t do it nor the hope that something will happen that will make it easier for you hold you back. It’s about what you do – right now – that really matters.

Not what you intend to do when things are easier or better or more convenient. 

However insignificant the ideas you receive from Spirit appear, just do them.

In a life of continual communication with God what we need and are called to do will be shown, and are being shown at this very moment and the only question is; are you showing up for God? 

When God births a dream, I encourage you to step out in bold faith and start to do the work.

Its about being ready and willing to serve God the moment you’re called to some kind of action.

The eagerness to serve God and all the ‘failures’ (there are no real failures as everything serves us in some way) along the way is what has lead me to surrender completely and there is no greater love for me than God, no one more willing than me to obey the hearts calling than me, and I have been faced with confusion and discouragement as well and if you are too then you can do as I have and simply pray:

“God, please open my eyes and ears so that I can clearly see and hear your instructions and guidance. You know my heart”.

The last sentence is very powerful in all our dealings when fear comes in because it cancels out all concerns and worries about us not being clear, because one thing is for sure and that is that God knows our hearts, God knows our true intentions and yearning to do do his will.

So there is nothing to worry about, because God knows your heart.

Simply present yourself to God and say you are willing (“I’m here God, I’m available; use me!”), and remember it’s not about becoming somebody or not being ready or good enough; God uses us all, all he needs is for us to be available for his work to be done through us.

Our ability has nothing to do with it, nothing at all. 

Open your arms and let God know that you are available and know that the One that will do the work is God and you will be the instrument through which it is done. “I’m all yours God! All yours!“.


Philippians 4:13


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