Awakening And The Rewiring Of The Brain And Body

Dearest Maria,

I find myself sometimes roaming the ‘symptoms of awakening’ in the belly of Mr. Google.

Although having an infinite trust in the process I guess sometimes I want some clarity in the body-mind happenings.

Things as growing a dementia (not really, but still) as my brain does not work as it used to do.

Very clear and direct in spiritual matters and very foggy or in protest to digest just plain shopping-lists.

Belly inflation to be able to breath deeper, chest-pains etc.

The awakening process has been a life long track from teenager on and the last couple of years on the fast-lane.

On a given moment I realized that everyone was asleep doing there thing and numb of my alarm-bells.

Since a couple of years my body-mind is adjusting, adapting to a new outlook on life as LIFE itself.

With it came and went peculiar symptoms, some of it I am not sure its related to my new neurological, electrical, energetic wiring.

Moments of not been able to think chronological and logical.

My brain just as a muscle wants to relax into its primal unburdened natural state without the accustomed subtle tension.

Or I am getting Alzheimer or losing it. Actually sometimes I really feel of losing it all. Losing my self into the black unknown.

I had a year of severe heart/chest-pain as if an elephant was resting its foot on my chest especially when sitting in silence and other moments the elephant was roaming inside (blissful).

The physical discomfort makes me want to breathe deeper in the abdomen and after a few hours it will be gone.

So on the Internet I found loads of ascension symptoms and adjusting the body but I actually don’t now what to think about that and want some real-life experience from somebody I trust.

So I hope you would/could and will spend an article on this one, the physical and mental adjustments while waking up.

There is a lot about ascension-symptoms on the Internet but I don’t know what to think of them. Some seem far fetched, some I can relate to.

Maria, I am thirsty on some firsthand info. I hope this question resonates and evoke an article.

So my question is, if appropriate for you, to shine some wisdom on the bodily aspects of adapting to a shift in awareness.

Maria thank you for all your attention and postings.

I have started writing some poetry initiated from silence but mostly in Dutch. I take the liberty to add one here:

"In the moment of timelessness
The slow poet gives birth.
Faded meaning
of moving words
as time collapses
before it dies."

☯   ☯   ☯   ☯   ☯   ☯

My Reply:

Thank you for your email and for sharing your poem with us.

Let’s begin from the beginning 🙂

Google is a great resource that people didn’t have before.

Can you just imagine how the saints and sages from the past had to figure out everything for themselves?

Not to mention going through all the agony and hellish processes the awakening process brings with it – all alone.

No one to ask what the hell is going on, no one to turn to but themselves.

Of course they could travel to distant countries to live in caves and monasteries in the mountains learning from the ones that had gone before them, and maybe they had access to a few books as well, but they definitely had it tougher than us when it comes to that. 

So in that regard, thank God we have Google today so that our “spiritual cave” can be in our own home!

The Body-Mind Happenings In The Awakening Process

You’re absolutely right, the brain is rewiring itself neurologically and energetically and it needs time to adjust and balance itself out.

That’s why you might be intensely focused on spiritual matters for a while and then have a period of being intensely interested in scientific (brainy) things for example.

This is the brain developing itself in new ways so while it’s not really a muscle it behaves like a muscle (as it can be trained and molded into performing/work better).

It’s being rewired in the awakening process, and I remember actually feeling it physically in my brain in periods of my own process.

It was very interesting to feel this happening, and I also noticed very clearly how my brain was balancing itself out by “exercising” (in lack of a better word) the left and right side of the brain periodically as I just mentioned.

What I have noticed in some people is that sometimes they block themselves out of this on and off process (interested in spirituality/not interested in spirituality) by forcing themselves to be even more vigilant in “being spiritual” when they sense it’s fading.

In fear of losing their (spiritual) connection maybe, or become ‘too worldly’ as some people think that awakening means you get to escape life and not have any material, worldy concerns. 

Someone even told me that they don’t ‘believe in science’ and so they disregarded the worldly/material world without even considering to look into life from a different perspective than the spiritual.

And while they were very ‘spiritual’ I could also tell that they were ‘too spiritual’, or imbalanced, because they had let the right side of the brain dominate their life experience (and not let the left side develop).

Sometimes it’s a very good idea to take a break from spirituality altogether and get out there in the world and get yourself more earthbound and not so much ‘up there’ in spiritual matters.

This is how the brain evolves into becoming grounded and balanced (spiritual and creative etc/logical and organized etc) and at least for me personally, I really find neuroscience and brain-science to be very interesting.

The brain is our most important organ and it’s interesting to learn about how it works and how we can optimize it’s function through exercise, diet and nutrition for example (but that’s just my personal interest, yours might be something different).

It also gives you a wider perspective on life that in turn liberates the mind because you take spiritual meaning (and ideas) out of it and see more pragmatically on the whole body/brain organism. 

So for you at the moment where you described that your brain is very clear on spiritual matters but not so much on other things my suggestion would be to go with what is because it will change soon enough.

Never resist where you are but allow the process to unfold knowing that you won’t be in one phase forever.

If you feel it’s time to move on to other things, or to progress, then tell your mind and brain that by journaling (get your thoughts on paper) and by “prayer” (inner communication and contemplation).

We human beings have a tendency to get stuck by constantly looking for answers on the outside instead of relaxing the mind so that it can bring us the understanding that we need.

Because as we all already know; it’s all within us already, it just needs to be allowed to come to the conscious level of mind and that can only happen when we relax and actually listen inwardly instead of outwardly. 

That might be one of the downsides of Google!

In the past people were forced to look within while now it’s easier to just go to Google.

But what often is gained by doing that is that the brain/mind gets fed with secondhand knowledge that we make ours by belief, and not by direct experience.

The right answers comes from listening and not by acquiring more and more knowledge and information.

It’s time to listen, and listen real good.  

And I know the memory thing can be a bit challenging.

Especially if you have to be among other people and you have work-responsibilities and so on, but the resistance you feel (in regards to simple things like shopping-lists) will only become stronger by resisting it.

It will be this way for a while so let it. Let it balance itself out.

Here’s a couple of posts that I think you might find helpful:

Losing The Sense Of Self

What If I’m Going Crazy?

But of course, if you have any concerns about you actually developing dementia or Alzheimer’s then I advice you to go and have that checked! 🙂

The Importance Of Breathing

As the process is moving quickly for you now and has been for the last couple of years it’s obvious to me that breathing better is what the body asks you to do.

You said it yourself; “it makes me want to breath deeper in the abdomen”.

The answer is often times in the question, we just want it confirmed (unconsciously). 

Pain and tension in the body (which can make you breathe in shallow ways) can also be a symptom of either you going through a cleansing/shedding process or you’re actually feeling the rewiring of the nervous system in the body.

The important thing is to listen to the body, and breathing is always the sure way to go through any of theses changes more easily, and if you intuitively feel that your brain wants to relax into its natural state, then let it.

It’s not going to stay that way forever, only for a while before it starts to become curious again and then you will be inspired to do something or learn something (become interested in something new).

With this said, focusing on your breathing would be a good idea regardless of what’s happening in your brain and body.

I remember when I was in the rehab-center many years ago I actually had sometimes to be reminded to breathe because I was so tense that I forgot to breathe.

So I basically had to learn it anew and meditation helped me a lot when it came to that because you’re breathing comes down naturally when your brainwaves slow down. 

Recently I have started to do Yoga everyday after my workout and in those exercises (you can find plenty of videos on YouTube. Again, thank you Google!) you use your breath as well as your body so that could perhaps be something to look into.

You could commit to do a 20-30 minute Yoga exercise everyday for the next 30 days and see how that benefits you (as I’m sure it will).

I have always thought Yoga was boring and too slow for me (I like more active activities) but I really enjoy it now and therefor I suggest you to give it a chance if you think it’s not for you as I used to do.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

Pay special attention to the “Savasana pose” (or “the corpse pose”) at the end of each exercise as I believe this could be the most important pose of them all. 

Walking Is Beneficial To Your Awakening Process

This is by far the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself:

Walk, and walk a lot

I have always been a walker, I love walking, and I remember when I lived in Norway I used to walk for hours barefoot in the woods there.

I’m absolutely convinced that walking gets everything grounded and embodied in the most harmonious way possible.

At times when I felt like I didn’t want to see anyone, when I felt really yucky inside (due to shifts of consciousness) I mustered up enough strength and went out anyway, out into the woods to be alone there.

To smell the grass, earth and the soil, to touch the trees, and look at the beauty all around, all the colors, and just soaking up the silence there.

I still love coming to nature and just stand still to listen to the silence there, I simply love it, there’s nothing more soothing, life-giving, invigorating and inspiring than nature.

So try to get out more if you’re not doing that enough right now.

Go out and breathe, feel the earth below your bare soles. It will do you wonders.

Sometimes I went out without my phone and sometimes I listened to Satsangs or lectures etc (depending on where I was in my process when it came to left/right brain growth) while walking.

It will go in waves or cycles. Sometimes you need silence and sometimes you feel inclined to feed your mind and brain while walking.

Listen to your body by developing your sensitivity to what is asked of you intuitively.

Do It Now – Don’t Wait

Right now you could go out, or decide to do this tomorrow if it’s too late to do it today, or next Saturday if you can’t take a day off of work this week.

But do have a day off of everything where your only company is yourself, nature and Truth.

Turn off the computer and get out in nature!

Go out for a long walk with nothing but yourself and while you walk, communicate with yourself, talk about everything you’re experiencing right now and ask for direction.

Say out loud that you wish to understand and work with the changes that are occurring, that you want insights into how to proceed and how to deal with the challenging aspects of the phase you find yourself in.

It’s a transitional phase so it will not last forever and the more awareness you have about what is going on the easier it is of course, and the best source for getting the Truth of the matter is to connect directly with the source that is within you.

So take a break from Mr./Ms. Google for at least a full day and in that day, go deep within without any help or resources from the outside and I promise you that when you wake up the next morning you will have progressed through a lot of things really fast.

It usually happens very quickly once we surrender to the process by giving ourselves into it fully with our whole attention.

This requires a break from the world and there’s nothing better than taking a [insert your name here]-day where you have your full attention on what is going on inside and where you ignore what’s going on on the outside.

And thoroughly enjoy it.

You will quickly experience how Life rewards you for turning within.

So spend a full day alone, take a pen and notebook with you (if you feel inclined to), go out in nature and just communicate everything that needs to be said.

Pour your heart out either by speaking or writing. 

Walk, Rest, Ask, Listen

When you get back from your walk eat something delicious (still without engaging in any outside noise, meaning no TV or Mr/Ms Google) and after your dinner why not give yourself a foot-bath; scrub those feet of yours and end with a nice rub/massage.

The rest of the evening continue to be alone and in stillness even if the mind wants to be entertained (as it will demand to be fed from the outside).

Just be with it and if you really must do something then watch a good movie or listen to music or something, but stay away from anything ‘learnable’.

If the mind insists on ‘doing’ and learning, then simply write whatever it is that it wants to learn in your to-do list as a thing to look into another day.

That way your mind relaxes and becomes less demanding. Just take note of what it thinks is massively important but don’t get engaged in anything. 

Bottom line: Give your mind a break from learning and assimilating and gathering information.

It really needs it! (Trust me on this one, it really, really needs a break). 

Instead be still, drink some tea, breathe in Life, look at the sunset and just be

Tomorrow is a new, fresh day and between your evening and morning a lot of things will happen in your consciousness as a result of having given yourself to the stillness even for a day.

Even for a day. It always does, I can testify to that with full integrity.

“It works!”. Truth works 🙂 

By tomorrow you will be in a different place than today when you do this with your whole heart and with great love and devotion to Truth.


Even if the rewiring is not complete (as it is a process and it obviously takes more than 24 hours), you will absolutely experience progress and forward movement within days.

walking benefits you
Walking benefits you in your awakening process.


Here’s a (very) old article of mine that came to mind as you mentioned ascending symptoms: Read It Here.

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  1. Kristen Massey

    I often wonder (and have recently tried listening more) as to how to tell the difference between a dis-ease state that has manifested from accumulated resistance or a releasing state that would entail these ascension/readjustment symptoms. Whenever I have the readjustment symptoms, I have to remind myself not to get into more resistance by fearing them or telling myself I’m sick. Like now, is it a cold? Or is a result of the massive spiritual shift I had over the weekend? The shift came on suddenly as a bout of massive existential anxiety, sudden disdain for all of my possessions, and a sense that nothing at all mattered, rage over even having been born, etc (and my life is wonderful btw, I’m a very happy person with a wonderful wonderful life, also a therapist), so this was quite the hit. Anyway, rambling… just wondering what you thought.

  2. Yes, it’s an increased awareness of the processes that helps you become more and more clear for each time you go through those types of things.

    You’ll come to know very clearly if it is a clearing/cleansing/release process or if it’s just a ‘cold’ for example.

    The same with sudden emotional turmoil where you experience severe fear, anxiety etc etc (even panic);

    You’ll come to know with experience when you’re having an energy shift taking place that aggravates your mind and current state of consciousness.

    The aggravation/tension can sometimes be so strong though that even if we have experienced them “hundreds of times” before there can still be times when we’re just not able to recall those times because the ego is so strong.

    It’s like we’re blocked from seeing or going anywhere in any direction; it feels as if we’re hijacked and taken as prisoners by our own minds.

    This is when people even get suicidal thoughts because it can feel as if you have hit the darkest of the darkest of places and there’s no way out and no end in sight.

    But there always is. Trust if crucial when in the midst of this.

    The cold-thing is easier to go through, mine would always last for 2-4 days where I was bedridden with very strong flu symptoms (nose sunning like a faucet and constant sneezing, body aching etc etc).

    In the early days I didn’t know what it was but then of course as my understanding grew with experience I knew what they were all about and that made me allow myself to go through them by surrendering to the process, knowing it would not last more than a few days.

    But none of this is easy, there’s always some kind of emotional and mental release (beliefs etc) involved but sometimes the release of the old is more physical, but of course it affects your whole wiring, body, mind and spirit.

    And as you said; it can come over you quite suddenly and with a massive power, totally taking over you, surprising you on all levels, because hey, here you are, enjoying your life, and then suddenly BOOM!

    You’re hit with this massive power and the walls fall in on you and you feel as if your’re suffocating or even dying, or you want to die because it’s so painful and you curse the day you began the spiritual journey because it has brought you so much pain.

    In these moments we tend to forget the good and positive times (the blissful periods) because we’re so deep into the processes, that’s how these things work.

    The ego is very strong in people because their identification is there (unconsciously) so the resistance is huge.

    Awareness of the process makes it smoother to go through, and I can tell you that if you ever feel like there’s no end in sight to the turmoil (I’m saying this to anyone reading this); trust me:

    There is, and the light you’ll come to see on the other side of it is worth all of the processes you went through. I promise you this.

    That light is freedom, and the freedom comes from the process of death and rebirth – that’s what the awakening process is all about, and in that process there are so many layers of crap and falseness that has to be let go of, and it can be painful to say the least.

    But there is an end to it – and it’s on the other side of the pain and through it we must go, and the less resistance there is, the easier it is.

    Two words to always keep in mind are these; whenever things seem like they will never improve: Surrender and Trust.

    It really comes down to this, to let Truth take over completely and let it do its work in you. Trust the process and surrender your whole being to Truth.

    Here’s an old article that I think you might be able to relate to as well and find helpful:

  3. Kristen Massey

    Thank you so much Maria!! I really appreciate your response.

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