Awareness Is The Key – The Heart Knows The Way

There are ultimately no mistakes, all that happens is meant to happen, and the so called mistakes we make is nothing but us not listening (or trusting) our intuition.

Just look at the world! 

How we destroy the planet by our greedy behavior, it’s all coming from an ego based level of consciousness, the fear of not having enough, or the fear of losing what we have. 

Spirit on the other hand is giving and nurturing and it’s naturally discerning and not meek at all as many people think, afraid that if they gave with their heart fully they would be trampled on.

That’s not how it is, the heart is very strong in its own authority. Full of integrity and power.

It’s when we don’t follow our hearts that imbalance become our reality, both in our personal lives and the outside immediate world, and the whole for that matter.

That’s how powerful we are, but most people still goes with the loud voice of the ego instead of their hearts.

Sometimes we know when we are about to embark on something that it might not be ‘the right move’ for us, but we are unsure.

Sometimes it’s right, and sometimes we make the move only to go “ah, I knew it!”.

I’m sure that’s something we all can relate to, we have all done that at some point in our lives, that’s how we learn to discern and make better choices.

The important thing is to just move on, dust ourselves off and take the wisdom with us and the next time we are more equipped to tune into the inner guidance which is our intuition.

The same goes when it comes to any kind of drama or dilemmas we’re encountering, we can consciously chose to let our inner self guide us to the most constructive solution.

It’s often times much easier to make the right choice when we step out of the way, when we are not so caught up in the middle of the chaos and drama, and how we do that is to step out of the mind and into stillness – it’s from there the right insights and answers always come.

It’s much easier to let the True Self lead!

The ego is never the actual “problem”, the problem is the attachment to the mental concept of who we think we are. (When we’re not in touch with our spiritual side).

The ego always takes pride, or projects guilt (onto itself or others) by thinking in lines of “I did this, I made it happen” or, “I shouldn’t have done this, I’m such a fool, I’ll never learn”.

While all the while Life is fully capable of catering for us as it is the Intelligence that rotates the planet, changes the seasons and also takes care of our bodily functions!

The Intelligence that runs the whole show called Life already knows its ways, and the sooner we realize that we are not the ‘doer’ but that in fact the doing is done through and as us, we can relax into it and become a full expression of Life itself.

Then our actions are naturally inclined towards sustainability and nurturing the whole of life, it’s not a struggle, it’s natural to take care of that which we value.

There is no reason not to follow your heart!

Only fear keeps us from doing that, and is that how we really want to live our life, as a part of the whole of humanity?

What we do matters. 

The heart already know what and who we truly are and the only way to ever be able to live that out fully is to follow our own inner voice, the wisdom of the heart, our intuitive knowing.

Remember that God knows your heart. God knows your true intentions, God knows your yearning for living the Truth that you feel in your heart.

“There’s nothing to worry about: God knows my heart”.

You’re on the right track. (We always are, even if we think it’s wrong).

We can all do a little. All it requires is to act from a place of awareness.

“Is what I’m about to do in alignment with my heart or not?”

If not, change the direction you’re about to embark on.

Awareness is really the key to living from the heart, and to trust it is vital. 


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