Open Up About Your Spiritual Awakening Process

Dear Maria,

I think the content on your website has addressed my concerns.

I’ve been through a dark night of the soul, leaving me with substantially reduced ego and much reduced negative and involuntary thoughts.

Your website describes what I am experiencing now.

Eckhart Tolle’s teaching’s have taught me to be present and you have assured me that this no mans land feeling is normal.

The question I have is whether you could connect people going through this awakening process to share the experience and have liked minded people to talk to.

I find it difficult having no one to talk to and I’m sure others do.

With love and gratitude,



Dear Reader,

Thank you for your email.

I’m glad to hear that what I share here on my website is helpful to you in your spiritual unfoldment.

About your question;

You can share your experiences here on my blog; that’s what it’s for, you’re very welcome to comment on articles, share your thoughts, ask questions and so on.

And you can also join me in my live calls where we can talk and discuss different things that one goes through in the spiritual awakening process as well as other transformational processes on this spiritual path that we’re all on.

Other than that; you can schedule a session with me where we can talk privately about anything that concerns you or that you would like to talk about with someone that understands.

And lastly; I’m open to travel anywhere in the world if someone invites me to come and speak and teach, hold meetings or whatever.

So the opportunity to kind of create a community or a forum where you can be with like-minded people, talk with others and so on about your spiritual journey, it’s already here – right in front of all people who read this. 

Something that I know and have known for a long time is that many people are shy, or they are just secretly reading my blog and instead of commenting directly on my articles (in the comments below my posts) they write me privately.

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to talk openly about their awakening and so I don’t really know what else there is that I can do that I’m not already doing and providing for people.

I’m here. Right here.

I’m all here for you all, but you (not you necessarily, but ‘you’ as in all my readers) need to reach out too, and come out of the shell so to speak, come out of the closet where you hide your awakening. 

Know that what you might be going through is exactly what others are going through too at some point in their awakening process, and that none of us is weird or strange in any way, so an openness is necessary for an open communication to be able to take place.

I think it’s great that you brought forth this in your question and I hope my reply will help others to be more open about where they are in their own processes.

And you can even be anonymous! 

I believe you can go and change your username in your profile settings in the membership area and when you have done that, then just begin to comment as much as you want to on my articles, and fingers crossed others will join in.

(And emails are never revealed on my website).

And should you join me in my live calls then I would love that.

In fact, I think I have done nineteen Teleclasses so far and guess how many live participants I have had so far?


Yes, one person, and he joined me in my last Teleclass and I loved it and he liked it too; the whole thing was really enjoyable and I just wish there could be more people joining in on them.

(Unfortunately there was a technical issue so the call was not recorded as it was meant to be).

I have even tried to accommodate my time schedule to fit so that as many people as possible could join but most people are shy they tell me, and some people just don’t want to participate in the live calls, they prefer listening to the classes afterwards.

And that’s perfectly fine of course, but it would be such a wonderful thing if more people could join – and my point is that there are opportunities here right in front of you to have someone to talk with.

I’m here, my blog is here, my classes are here, .. private talks with me are available, but here too I see how people are holding back at times; there’s procrastination and some write me now and then back and forth but then decide to ‘wait’ a little bit longer.

But usually when you take that step and just do it, that’s when something new can open up, but not until then, so progress or forward movement in your unfolding is held back when you hesitate on your inner promptings to do something.  

The only thing left to do is to just do it so now you (anyone who wants the same things as this reader does) need to step forward and take what is offered 🙂

And by joining now for example in my Teleclasses would mean that the group that is formed is an intimate (small, close) one since my guess is that it’s not going to suddenly be flooded with a huge amount of people, and in the calls you don’t even have to use your real name.

So my invitation is open; come join me in whatever way resonates with you because I’m not going anywhere, I will always be here for you.

Schedule a private session with me 

Submit questions about anything spiritual

Invite me to come and speak, teach or hold group meetings

Join me in my Teleclasses 

And lastly,

Leave your comments and thoughts below and continue the conversation: 🙂

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