Become the best version of yourself

Become the Best Version of Yourself

We are always in the process of discovering greater and greater expressions of who we really are.

The transformational journey never ends, and that to me is exciting, I love that about life! 😊

Life is about becoming the next best expression and version of yourself that you can be, and we’re always in the process of growth to become even greater if we allow ourselves to grow beyond what is today.

Even if your life today is awesome, there’s always going to be the next level of awesomeness!

The current version of me, and of you, as we are now is perfect, there’s nothing wrong with us, that’s not what I’m talking about.

There will always be the next level of growth for us both personally and professionally (since work is a big part of our life), and for me it’s always about improvement and about going even higher in life.

So what I am today and where I want to go from here will always require a new, improved version of me; an even greater expression of who I am.

It’s the same for you.

Whatever dreams and goals we have for ourselves (and I hope you have a grand vision for your life), the next level of living will always require the next version of an even greater You.

We are always growing into the bigger vision for our life and the vision is always expanding.

So today I want to invite you to think about the next leg of your life journey so that you can shine even brighter.

First, become clear of your bigger vision (your ‘what’ and ‘why’), and then figure out the next phase towards that vision and what it asks of you (set some short term intentions and create action steps to take).

Second; ask yourself where/how you must grow in order to manifest the vision.

How do you have to change?

External change comes with a change of consciousness (not before), so what is it that you need to develop more (or bring forth) in yourself, and what aspects of your old self do you need to let go of in order to become who you want to become next?

If we want to experience something different for ourselves then we must begin to do things that are different so that the hold to the old level of consciousness and the old embodied, energy patterns can get released.

You are the creator of yourself.

Who do you want to be, and what world do you want to live in?

What does it look like, what is your ideal life, how does it look like at this phase of your life?

The ideal will always expand, and that’s the fun part of life!

As your vision grows and expands you always get to experience life more fully.

You get to be more, do more, give more, share more, and also receive more, be more abundant, more successful, and so on, and in each stage you also become increasingly more confident, more powerful, more You.

And when this happens, you also have more flow, which in turn brings all kinds of wonderfulness into your life (you draw it to you by the shift in your beingness).

In order to change/improve our lives and make it even more fabulous, we need to change first and you can only do that by intending (making a choice to change) something different and by making different choices, thinking different thoughts, and offering a different energy to the universe.

Life is an uphill struggle of fruitless actions that goes nowhere until there’s first an internal shift.

It’s the internal transformation that changes your life, and the truth is that if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so to change anything in life, you need to change first.

Whatever you want in life (and you can have whatever you want), you must first become (in your consciousness and energy).

Life is mostly an inner game and when you learn to play it, it becomes fun and so much more interesting because you come to know that whatever you want to have and do next in your life, you can attain it quicker if you focus on working on You before you do anything else on the outside.

Then life starts to shift and transform, and it flows and unfolds from the inside out and you get to be the witness of how your life begins to shift into a new, improved reality.

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