Being single minded

Whatever your goal or dream is, you can’t manifest it if you are only thinking about things for a few minutes now and then, that’s not the whole principle of power of our thought. We have to actually do something also, although the actual doing will be something we enjoy doing. And besides; how much passion is there really if we want something but are not doing anything about it? Either the dream is not what you really want, or you are having limiting beliefs about you being able to manifest it, so you don’t bother doing anything.
When this happens, there is usually a mind-made excuse behind the “not doing”, and that is often that the person has come to like the idea of power of thoughts, and only vaguely understand it conceptually.
So they feel held back, while the universe is waiting for them to make a firm decision, a powerful intention that has to be fueled by passion.

It all begins with making the decision of being single minded in our words, actions, thoughts and the state we chose to be in, our chosen “I AM”.

So lets say you have a goal or dream of becoming wealthy.

First, of course, you decide to become wealthy. This is your powerful intention. And you make your thoughts permanent by writing your goals down.

Second: When you do this, you are not only involving your thoughts, but also invoking great positive feelings about your dream. You feel how it is now that you are wealthy. You put feelings to the images you are sending to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind responds to your mind made pictures. (or pictures that others make for you too; like the news on the TV).

Third: You speak the words out loud to yourself. You claim it with a certainty in your voice.

Then you let it go, release it to the universe, and act on every nudge that comes your way that feels right. The world is not going to change for you first, you have to change yourself, and then the world changes. This should be a constant act from your side. It’s not enough to think it once and feel good for five minutes and then go about feeling and thinking like a poor person again. It’s your dominant thoughts that creates. And vague wishing about becoming wealthy is a waste of time. You have to declare it!

Remember these guidelines when you go about your life after you have declared or decided a goal:



–Watch your words. See to it that they are of the nature of prosperity and wealth. Don’t whine and complain about not having enough money. Put your attention firmly on the mind-made picture you have of yourself being wealthy, and if you are among people who think poorly, don’t say anything. Let them say what they want, while you are having an inner conversation of prosperity that only you hears.

–The right action. Constantly ask yourself if that which you are doing right now is somehow leading you towards wealth. “Has this path a heart?” If it hasn’t then change what you are doing.
Just think where it would lead you to continue doing whatever it is you are doing. You always know what to do, your feelings will guide you. It’s only when we don’t listen that we suffer.

–Your thinking. Imagine how you will think when you are wealthy and start thinking that way now.
Think of a wealthy person that you admire and ask yourself what that person would think in every moment of time. “What would ________ think and do?” and then do your uttermost best to think and do that.
You have to train yourself to think right.

–I AM is a powerful affirmation. Don’t ever say things like “I am not good enough”, “I am too old”, I am always broke” and so forth. Whatever you are saying to yourself, or about yourself to others, you are programming your mind to bring that experience to you. It obey whatever you feed it, so it’s really important to speak empowering words after every “I AM”, for example “I am wealthy”. Keep telling it to yourself and it will be. If people around you are not supportive of you wanting to change then just be quiet about it, and don’t get into others peoples complaints and negativity.
It’s up to you what kind of energy you want to surround yourself with. You could chose to leave the conversation.

This single mindedness applies to all life areas, such as health, relationships etc, and it will help you move forward on the path that you have chosen, and you will break free.

So begin now. Make those dreams come true! Don’t just think about them.

–Now is the right time to make some changes, don’t you think? 🙂

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  1. mary

    Through knowing this all, I’m still feeling like I’m not single minded as much as I need to be to make my biggest dream come true, like the only thing that can help me right now is a miracle… I’m in a really bad condition; I need to be so strong but I’m absolutely broken inside; I don’t believe if I deserve to see it happening.

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