Be your own best friend

If it were your very best friend..

What advise would you give to her/him..? 

Whatever challenge or issue you ever face in life or when you don’t know what to do about a situation, the greatest answer can come from simply asking yourself:
“What advise would I give my best friend if she/he came to me asking about this, if it were their life situation? What would be my advice to them?” 
And then listen to it; take your own advise.
Choose to be your own best friend and talk with yourself as you would with them.
You only want the best for them so why not want the same for yourself?

And when the advice becomes clear to you, ask yourself:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen?
  • And what is the most positive outcome that could happen?
Both internally and externally, ask yourself that.

Write it down: 

  •  “What is the worst thing that could happen within me if I took the advice?”
  • “What’s the worst thing that could happen in my outer life/my outer circumstances, if I took the advice?”
  • “What is the most positive outcome that could happen within me, if I took the advice?
  • “What’s the most positive outcome, or result, that could come out it (in my external life) if I took the advice?” 

Give it some deep thought and the answer to your challenge or dilemma will become obvious.

Read these words slowly and audibly to yourself, and let the answers come to you:
“What advice would I give my very best friend, who I love and care deeply about and who I only want the best for, if it was he/she who had the challenge or dilemma that I am currently struggling with? What advice would I give?” 

And then do it. Take action.

Follow your own advice.

You can trust it, because it came from a place of sincere love, compassion and care. 
What you want for your best friend is what the Universe wants for you, and what you would give to your best friend is what Life wants to give to you, in abundance.
More than you can ever give to it, it wants to give you
Many times the answer is so obvious when we perceive it from the right angle and the higher perspective of Love. 

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