Bless EVERYTHING In Your Life!

Last night I woke up at 2 am with a strong, intuitive message that I should write a post where I invite people to bless everything in their lives by reading the post below out loud with sincerity and feeling.

If your heart calls you to do it, then do it right away if you can. 

I have a feeling it will be very transformative.

While you read it out loud you could also imagine/visualize a swirling white or golden light that touches everything you bless, every object, situation and every heart and mind.

Feel the words and the blessings as you say them out loud. Don’t rush through it.

Do this with all your heart; really feel the love and blessings as you say them.

And when you come to the end of the post, close your eyes and add more specific people, things, situations and so forth that might come up in your minds eye and sit quietly for a few moments to let it all sink in.

If there are words in this post that doesn’t resonate with you or relate to your own life then you can use your imagination and see it happening in the future or simply skip those words altogether. 

Like for example if you don’t have a car now, you might have one in the future and you can bless it already now before you have it.

If your purse is empty, then imagine holding it your hands while seeing it overflowing with money.

Or if you don’t have children, you can bless the children in your life (it doesn’t matter who’s children it is), and so on.

Just go with the flow when you read this with the intent to bless EVERYTHING. (It’s the intent and feeling that matters.)

When you’re ready, open your eyes and go about your day, and continue inwardly to bless people and nature, animals etc that you meet and encounter today and see what happens.

I have a feeling that by doing this with a sincere and generous, giving heart, something wonderful will happen in your life – that’s a hunch I have.

I Bless Everything In My Life

I bless myself and my life. Everything in it.

I bless my home and every room in it, including this room where I now sit. I bless every nook and corner of this house/building and my neighbors homes and their families and pets.

I bless every object in my home, all my clothes, my shoes, my kitchen supplies, my furnishing, computer, everything that is in the drawers and cabinets and all my other belongings including my car and my bike.

I bless my landlord, his family and their home, and my city/town, neighborhood and all the people who live here.

I bless the surroundings, the gardens with all its greenery and beauty, the flowers and trees, the stray cats and dogs and all the different kinds of birds, insects and other animals.

I bless the people who ever walk through my neighborhood or visit this lovely town, both the known and the complete strangers.

I bless them all.

I bless all my relationships, my friends, my partner, my spouse (or singleness/future lover), and my family; all my sisters and brothers and all the children in my life, and all my relatives and their families, homes and pets.

I bless my body, my health, energy and the food I eat and the water I drink. 

I bless the people that has handled the food that I have in my fridge, I bless the farmers and their land and animals as well as their families, friends and neighborhood.

I bless my four-legged best friends, and their health and energy. 

I bless every organ in my body, my senses, my intuition, my awareness and consciousness and everything I see, hear, taste, smell and touch.

Every dream and desire of my own and others that comes from the heart I bless.

I bless my costumers/clients/teachers/students and my job/career and all my readers and subscribers.

I bless my employer/employees, business associates and co-workers.

I bless the place of my work and/or office, and all the people that has ever come in contact with me through my work, and all the people that I will connect with today and in the future.

I bless my talents, skills and gifts, my creativity, my abilities and services and products.

I bless my email inbox, my website, my blog and all the people that I’m connected with through social media.

I bless them all. And their homes, health, happiness, families, friends and pets as well.

I bless my finances; my money, my cash, wallet and purse.

I bless my income and the circulation of money in my life.

I bless my creditors and debtors, my credit cards, VISA cards and all other cards that I may have now and in the future.

I bless my salary, monetary gifts and bonuses I have ever received or given to others, as well as my PayPal account and other accounts I may have now and in the future.

I bless the source of my supply (God), and every person that ever comes in contact with the money I circulate in my life.

I bless my bank accounts, my checkbook, savings and investments, and I bless my increase of all good fortune and prosperity now and forever.

I bless my past and all the lessons and wisdom my challenges and the different situations has brought me, and I bless this beautiful present moment, and my bright future.

I bless my independence, my freedom, happiness and the love and beauty that I experience and have in my life, now and forever.

I bless the goodwill and compassion of humanity and our Oneness, and I bless this beautiful planet we all share together. I bless the mountains, the valleys, the oceans and the majestic nature and all its resources and gifts it has for all of us. 

I bless our prosperity and abundance, and I bless our awareness and ability to experience it in all areas of our lives.


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