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Break free from the ego voice in your head

How is the ego voice in your head speaking to you and how do you respond to it?

Are you argumentative:

Ego voice: “You’re a failure”
You: “No I’m not, go away”


Ego voice: “They don’t like you”
You: “That’s all you’ve got?”

Or submissive:

Ego voice: “You can’t do that”
You: “Oki”

Becoming aware of the ego voice and your response to it will help you disidentify from it.

You can watch it as if it wasn’t ‘your’ voice by observing it as if it spoke to someone else without you commenting on it or answering it.

See what happens when you just watch it but you don’t do anything about it.

Just watch it with no judgment, no attitude or attempt to change it.

As you do this, you’ll begin to realize that the voice is not you and when this becomes more and more apparent, it ceases to affect you.

You no longer become mentally and emotionally affected by it.

And when it stops affecting you, you become more at ease with everything and everyone around you.

You’re no longer afraid of being hurt or not being liked and you no longer feel the need to please or impress anyone.

When you get in alignment with who you really are all those things fall away.

The need to explain yourself goes away too, and your love and compassion grows for both yourself and others because you don’t think extensively or obsessively about the little ‘me’ anymore, or listen to its voice.

Instead you’re aware of it, knowing it’s only a reflection of your old level of consciousness that is becoming weaker and weaker, as your soul’s true expression expands.

Learn more about the ego voice and how to break free from it here:


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