Breaking Free From Conditioning

Discord for the ego is harmony on a higher level of spirit and something that upsets us and rattles our cages so to speak can be the thing that breaks the spell if we are open to it, while the things that makes us stand rigidly by our opinions and not open to hear others out, that’s what keeps us stuck in the ego consciousness.

When we on the other hand are open and maybe even intrigued to simply listen, then from that place a new understanding can arise. Is your mind rigid? Can you not be reasoned with, are you oversensitive and easily offended by other peoples opinions?

Here’s a clue, you holding a fixed view of some sort; is it helping you to feel free and happy, or is it keeping you agitated and closed? Looking into that can be very enlightening.

To be challenged is good, to feel provoked by other peoples perspectives can be really good, not good for the ego, but good for the soul!

The rigid and closed mind is what keeps the portal to enlightenment closed, but the rigid and closed mind is also what pushes us further into suffering and suffering can be a new door to our awakening.

See, Truth never lets you go, no matter how many detours you may seem to have taken or are taking 🙂

To awaken is everyone’s destiny, we can’t hide from ourselves in infinity.

The mind has for most people become so fixed in its views and if someone has a strongly held belief it’s almost impossible to connect with something deeper within them that can open up for a sense of curiosity and interest for something new and fresh. 

The felt discord that comes when the rigid minds views is challenged is not bad, it’s an invitation to harmony on a higher level of spirit, and harmony comes from openness and not from closing down so that you can protect your views.

If you really believed and trusted, why would there be any need to protect or defend?

When we know what we know, then there’s no need to impose our view or perspective on others because of the simple fact that we all value freedom most of all.

Everything boils down to the desire to be free, so why deprive other living beings from that, it’s just not natural.

When we have true freedom, then what we wish for others is the same freedom.

What is manifested through the collective consciousness is our collective experience too (we share this planet) and because the egoic state of consciousness still rules the world, we have to learn how to discern with the heart and to not let ourselves be dulled and dumbed down by society at large. (Religion, targeted media marketing, school systems etc etc).

When breaking free of the conditioning there will be resistance, and people will resent you for having the courage to walk your own path. 

The resistance comes from the ego who wants things to stay the same, and who doesn’t appreciate being uncomfortable, so instead of dealing with it we stuff our faces with food, we take some more pills or we pull our blankets over our heads and we go to even deeper sleep.

We need to wake up!

We need to get out more in nature and get back in touch with ourselves again, we need to start valuing the right things because it is true that what we value we naturally take care of. 

Freedom comes from breaking the spell with the conditioned mind, and it begins with our willingness to do that.

The present moment is always the right place to start.

This moment right now is when we can ever make a new choice, right now.

Blame and shame for the wrong choices made in the past are tools for the ego to keep us stuck, stagnant and dulled down, and if we allow this to happen, hopelessness and discouragement will be the state we find ourselves in.

Right now we can make a new choice, regardless of past choices.

This moment is completely fresh and from this moment on a new path can open up; a path of Love.

Will you accept the invitation from your heart?

Answer the call by obeying your intuitive knowing.

We all know what the right thing is to do and only fear keeps us from acting from of our natural way of being and so the only question is; will you allow it?

I think the best way to start is to get out in nature and walk there in stillness while asking It to guide you.

It will do that and your heart will be touched once again by the inherent Truth that we are One with it.  

Khalil Gibran Quote

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