The “Middle Way” way to live life: Are You Free?

Are you free?

Or are you living your life according to rhythm of other people?

The only rule to live by is to not have any rules at all.

Follow the flow of the moment and do that which resonates the most and don’t get stuck anywhere.

Flow with life. That’s freedom. 

The middle way Buddha talked about is about finding your own way somewhere in the middle of all extremes. Not this way or that way, but Your way. 

Although none of us can say or know exactly what Buddha really meant and said (since we haven’t had a conversation with him), but you get my point. 

Extremes can be seen as rules and regulations, rigid beliefs and narrowness, while the path in between is open and infinite.

Too often do I see people push themselves too hard, making life either black or white because they have adopted belief-systems that says that ‘this is right and that is wrong’.

Or they strain and rigidly follow spiritual practices even if they have outgrown them simply because someone keeps telling them that “this is the truth/the right way”.

The middle way is your way, so find your own way and you will be free.

The middle way can never be defined, only the extremes can, and they are defined by their rules and regulations they hold.

Some people restrict themselves by thinking that they have to become this or that thinking it’s more spiritual, and wear specific clothing, behaving and speaking in a certain way and so on.

It’s when you find your own way that you come to experience how it really is to be a free human being.

A human being that can enjoy all kinds of things that makes a life, a life with no rules to follow, no regulations or restrictions.

A free life is where you can do what you want, be who you want to be and follow the rhythm of your own life. A life that is true to yourself. 

Most people follow the rhythm of others.

They live lives that are decided by society, religion and culture and where they even sometimes think that they are free when in reality they are not, but they have never explored a different way so they don’t know that there is one.

Today I want to invite you to see how free you are.

In everything you do, ask yourself “am I free now?”

Am I doing this because I want to?”

Can you wholeheartedly say that “I am doing this because I enjoy it/because I really want to do this”?

Are you free?

If not; what if you threw all the rules out the window and just did what you feel inclined to do, what feels right and most natural, to you?

One path might work for some but not for all.

Be honest with yourself; is it working for you or not?

Find your own way, the path that works for you, even if it goes against the grain and other peoples opinions of what you ‘should’ choose for yourself.

Experiment, try different ways, do your own research and make your own conclusions, see for yourself what works for you.

That’s what life is about; for us to find our own way.

Find your own way by following your own flow.

Do what feels right in the moment.

If you’re reading a book for example and find it boring after a few chapters, stop reading it.

You don’t have to read the whole book.

Maybe there was only one sentence in it that was meant for you and now that you got the message you can leave the rest.

Don’t force yourself into doing things that no longer resonate.

Same with any everyday life situation;

If you watch a movie and don’t really like it, stop watching it. 

If you’re on a first date and the chemistry is not there, do you both a favor and relieve you both from the awkwardness by acknowledging the situation and then leave.

Don’t always be so polite and correct.

A sense of relief (and joy) is always a sign of us bouncing back into our flow and we can always feel if we are in it or out of it by the way we feel.

Trust your own inner signals and instincts.

Trust your body and eat meat if you want to. It’s not less ‘spiritual’.

Some people are wired that way, and we can always change our minds and be vegetarian at one point and then at some other point introduce meat to our diet again.

Would you say that the Eskimos are less spiritual just because they eat a lot of meat for example?

Have a glass of wine, or some coffee, and enjoy it to the fullest (moderation in everything is also “the middle way”. Here’s where common sense comes in).

Don’t believe in spiritual theories about “vibrational frequencies” etc (there is no such thing). 

If you let spiritual ideas and theories like that affect your consciousness and you feel guilt and so on then that will affect your emotional and mental well-being, but the act in itself has nothing to do with any frequencies.

When you follow your own inclinations and when you live your life in a way that makes sense to you and that feels right for you, how in the world would that affect any “vibrational frequencies”? 

Use your own discernment, make your own choices and stop restricting and censoring yourself by being (or trying to be) something that is not a true expression of who you are. 

By adopting external rules as the way to live your life it always pulls you away from your own wisdom and flow and you become disconnected from it (and thus suffer).

So find your own way, the way that is right for you.

How do you want to live?

What feels most appropriate for you, right now? Not forever, but now.

You are always free to change your mind later.

The flow of your life is a moving thing, it’s alive, not static.

It is always in a process of exploration, discovery and growth/expansion.

So where do you want to go from here?

In what area of your life do you want more freedom?

Resolve to be free in all that you do and the rest will follow. 

are you free
Are you free in what you are doing now and in the way you live your life? If not, start making changes today that are aligned with your own personal values and preferences.

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