Bye Bye Alcohol

I’ve ditched alcohol as well!

I effin’ LOVE this transformational journey I’m on! I just love, love, love it!

Recently I have felt an increasing desire to ditch alcohol and this morning I made the final decision that it longer can have any place in my life.

I didn’t drink often but when I did usually even one single glass of wine or beer would mess up my energy and I did not like it at all.

The sleep-pattern disruptions, the sluggishness, tiredness the following day.. No thanks. No more.

The feeling of alcohol being a thief began to grow in me and last night was the last time I had alcohol in my life.

As in ‘ever’. I’m done with it.

And the main reasons that I have chosen to ditch alcohol as well as sugar, coffee and junk-foods are that they are affecting me, my choices, and the overall quality of my life in negative ways.

Things like I believe many people can relate to:

That alcohol is actually a thief that robs you of vitality, energy and productivity.

And how about the energy sucking qualities of hanging out with people you wouldn’t normally want to hang out with and having conversations that aren’t stimulating or inspiring but actually drains you?

And how about the mental fog and tiredness the following day.. Need I say more?

For me, personally, I no longer tolerate or accept days like that.

And I’m no longer going to eat the unhealthy foods the brain craves when under the influence of alcohol (I had some cheese yesterday!), nor will I put myself in situations where I make the wrong decisions that I would never make when clear-headed.

Time with alcohol is time wasted. Valuable days and hours wasted on things that are not important to me at all.

Alcohol is a thief

I prefer that my brain works and fires on all cylinders; I love being productive, inspired, energetic and feeling vitality in my body and mind.

Alcohol robs you of all those things.

Alcohol diminishes our will-power and our standards get lowered so we make wrong judgments more easily and thus make choices that are not right and good for us.

I prefer feeling clear-headed, sharp and alert and I love waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Alcohol robs you of those things.

Alcohol cause disrupted sleep (waking up in the middle of the night having troubles going to sleep again) and it robs me of valuable time that I much more prefer using for being active and fully present in my life and with the people I interact with.

I want to live the best life possible and make the most of myself and alcohol is not contributing to any of that, at all.

Alcohol is a thief! 

Turning bad habits into good ones

I prefer happiness 🙂

I prefer peace, authenticity, good health, joy, and freedom.

I want to spend (all) my time focusing on things that are truly important to me and I feel so empowered by the momentum of my current transformation.

It actually makes me euphoric to have made the choices I’ve made recently in my life; I’m that happy, that every fiber of my being is screaming YES! 🙂

Alcohol has no place in my new, healthy lifestyle because it takes more than it gives and I don’t want it my body and mind.

I’m totally redirecting all my energy towards that which that I want and deserve.

I want to live the best life I can possibly live and I want to make the most of myself and be all that I can be.

Alcohol hinders and blocks the natural and powerful life-force that wants to flow through me with full throttle.

Now it has all the place in my life. Full throttle 🙂

Even if I only had a few drinks occasionally (sometimes months in between), I have ditched it 100%.

No “two unit limit rule” and no “special occasions exceptions” rule either.

Drinking alcohol has lost its appeal completely. I don’t want the negative influence in my life, ever again.

I want to live fully, have clarity and be present and participate fully in my life.

I want to spend my brainpower on things that are important to me and really show up fully in my life and follow through when my intuition is guiding me towards healthy and good choices.

So I’m extremely happy to have come to the point in my life where I can say:

“No thanks, I don’t drink” 🙂

stop drinking
Eliminating from your life everyone and everything that drains you will allow the life-force to flow freely through you and fill you with vitality and true happiness.


Here’s 8 questions to ponder if you too are drawn to quit alcohol for good:

Answer them with brutal honesty (write them down on paper) for the sake of self-love:

What do you feel proud about in your life today?

What do you want to feel proud about?

What do you feel grateful for in your life today?

What could you feel grateful for?

What do you feel excited about in your life?

What do you want to feel excited about?

What could you get excited about?

And lastly, ..

What are you drinking for..?

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