I’m here: Calangute and Baga Beach, Goa

I have moved again!

The place where I was suppose to be for about a week wasn’t any good, or my room wasn’t any good.

The people were nice but because of various reasons that had to do with the room I couldn’t sleep much the whole night so this morning I took the bus to Calangute and while walking along the beach I was again asking within for help.

I wanted to have a better place to stay and the moment I asked within my intuition told me to go to a guy standing a bit further away so I went to him and asked him about cheap but nice places to stay close by, or in the area.

He didn’t know of any but he took me to someone who he thought could help me and after had talked with this new person we hopped on a scooter and he showed me a room in a very nice place only a few minutes away from the beach.

And I loved it! 🙂

Immediately I felt that there was a connection and rightness about it so I decided to go for it and said that I just have to cancel my other room and go back there and get my stuff etc.

And this guy even gave me a lift all the way there so I only had walk for a few minutes back to the old place to cancel and pack my stuff and after I had done that I took the bus back to Calangute and the place where I’m staying right now.

Woo hoo! I’m so happy! 😀

It’s only a few minutes walk from the main road (center of town) and the beach, yet it’s in a secluded area (it’s peaceful and quiet here), like a little jungle in the middle of everything and the people here are so nice and friendly.

It’s like everybody knows each other and are smiling and talking with each other.

I feel like I will love it here and will stay until the 20th. Yey! 🙂

The famous Baga beach is also just around the corner basically, and Anjuna beach a bit further up north but still very close so I’ll walk there some day soon.

Tomorrow is going to be a writing-day though and I look forward to it very much 🙂

All these wonderful synchronicities that has happened recently  in my life, not just with this thing but with many things (small and big, literally all the time) made me remember a couple of other times when Life has surprised me in wonderful ways in the past.

For example when I was offered a room for free in a beautiful little hotel in Competa (Spain) in exchange for dog-sitting. I had not expected that at all, and I loved it there too.

You can read about that here:


And I have posted some pictures of it here, go and have a look, it’s really a lovely place (and it’s for sale!):


If you decide to go to Competa in Costa del Sol (Spain) then I really recommend staying at “La Tienda“, it’s a lovely little hotel and I know you’ll love it there! 🙂

Here’s another example of when the universe stepped in and helped me out when I asked, and that too happened really quickly:


So anyways,

I’m loving it here in Goa and I look forward to have a good night sleep and wake up tomorrow and maybe go for a walk along the beach, have breakfast somewhere and then head back to my room and do some writing (thank you for questions and topic requests sent to me, keep ’em coming, I love it!)

No pic in the post today either; I’m using my phone as a HotSpot so I need to be economical with the gigabytes (or whatever they are called) so I can’t do much downloading right now, will have to wait until I sit somewhere where I have access to WiFi.

But, you can always see pics on my Instagram:


Ooh! I’m so happy right now! 😀

Now I’m going to just relax the rest of the evening and maybe watch a movie later (I have TV in my room too:) )

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