Guard your mind

You are the Captain of your Soul (Don’t leave your mind unguarded)

We are the Captains of our Soul.

We have the ability to accept or reject anything we choose to give our attention, focus and energy on, and whatever we imagine, remember and observe, we’re always in the process of creating (and recreating if there’s no growth and internal changes in a person). 

Clarity about what we want is crucial if we want something better.

While most people dwell on what’s wrong with their lives, nothing will change before they turn their attention towards what they want instead.

Thoughts are seeds and we are the gardener.

This means that not only do we have to be careful with what we let into our minds, but we also need to tend our garden because if you don’t, the weeds will grow back.

The old ‘stuff’, patterns and habits will again grow back and you’ll be back doing the old things all over again.

So today I want to ask you;

Are you guarding your mind and tending your garden properly, or do you need to refocus and get back on track again in some area of your life?

Do you need to get rid of some weed and get your mind clear and fresh again so that you can move forward with a sense of new clarity and direction? 

Then today is a great day to make some changes. 😊

Remember, you are the Captain of your Soul.

You get to choose where to put your attention and energy and what to block out and reject, so use your free will constructively.

Give your mind clear, detailed, specific goals and assignments and it will get to work for you. 

If you don’t fill your mind with images and thoughts about what you want, the world will tell you what you can have, and what the world has for you is never even close to what you can have.

Don’t let any thought pass by your awareness that you don’t want to have or experience. 

Life has a way of giving you what you ask for so assume only the best and noblest for yourself.

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  1. Therese

    Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clarity on your put up is just nice and that I can think you’re knowledgeable in this subject. Thanks 1,000,000 and please continue the enjoyable work.

  2. Rick Ortiz

    Very good advice that I intend to be conscious of this morning. Thank you!

  3. Rick

    Hi Maria, I was surprised to see your comment this morning. I clicked on the link and had the pleasure of re-reading and re-discovering this article. Mind training! It’s ongoing. Today I drove to St Louis to work in a different environment. Once again you woke me up and brought me back to conciousness. Hope your ship takes you some place interesting today.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that Rick, thank you! 😊

    It’s early evening here in Spain but yes, it has been an interesting couple of days or so as I’m seeing some big manifestations taking place in my life that I have worked on for quite some time, so it’s really wonderful.

    I hope you enjoy your time in St Louis and that it brings something really great your way. 😊

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