How to handle transformational sadness

It’s okay to feel sadness (it’s actually a critical and very important part of any transformational process)

The profoundly felt lows you feel in life are actually part of a massive consciousness upgrade and when this happens the ego is mourning and grieving its own death, so the more awareness you have about what’s going on, the easier it is to let the transformation process happen. In this very long article I explain the two crucial aspects of what’s happening and how to handle the deep sadness and weeping that is part of the process.

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What you believe is limiting you is not real (How to Set Yourself Free)

It’s only to the false self that life is hard. Until you know you’re not the ego, the ego will rule your life and put limitations to what you (think) you can do. Only contraction (fear) creates disharmony/suffering/struggle etc. (but not for the real you), so the work is about releasing the fears because it’s the beliefs you have in your mind that are the real limitations and they are only true for as long as you think they are.

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Live without guilt: Find out what works for YOU

Literally anything in life can be twisted and made “wrong” and many people also live with an unhealthy sense of obligation and feeling of not being good or perfect enough. Life is too short to be obsessed with the rightness or wrongness of everything, or to be obsessed with justifying or over-analyzing every little action.

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