What’s The Cause Of Fear?

See if you can find the two commonalities when it comes to the fears we have. Where do they come from, what’s their cause? 

Fear of tomorrow, fear of the future, fear of loosing, fear of not getting, fear of our neighbors, fear of being betrayed, fear of terror, fear of war.

Fear of darkness, fear of Light, fear of enlightenment, fear of losing who we are.

Afraid that to find the Truth means to lose our existence, but in truth we are only going to lose our ignorance, and this is the most wonderful discovery!

Fear of religious Gods, of going to hell or not being good enough or worthy for heaven, fear of being punished, of not having control, or of being controlled.

Fear of being alone, of being vulnerable, fear of being judged and criticized, fear of not being approved of.

Fear of illness, of death, of being limited and restricted, fear of being dependent.

Fear of not being loved, of not being free, of never finding love, fear of giving love.

Fear of being afraid. Fear of stillness. Fear of change.

What is the cause of these fears?

The answer;

All fears are rooted in time and thinking.

Time and thought. (Which includes all kinds of assumptions, ideas, dogma, conclusions and beliefs).

Take away the concept of time and take your thoughts less seriously (don’t believe them), and you are free.

Can it be that simple?

I invite you to look closely at this and see what you come to realize for yourself.

Close your eyes and sit quietly, or sit somewhere and write down your biggest fears and see if they are not rooted in time (past and future, which is pure imagination/memory and not true), and thinking; the mind-made drama that goes on in your head and has nothing to do with what’s happening in actuality, right now – when Life is in actuality.

When you feel fear well up inside; ask yourself what thoughts you are believing in that causes the fear, and ask yourself if the thoughts really are true.

How am I scaring myself? What thoughts am I believing to be true, and are they really true..?” And if you say ‘yes’, ask “how can I know for sure that they are true?”.

Keep questioning your assumptions and conclusions until you come to the core Truth. 

One of the biggest fears has to do with not knowing. To not know the outcomes of our choices, to be afraid of surrendering to God because we don’t know what that really means, to be afraid that we lose control and become homeless and lose everything if we let go and let God.

It is only the idea of not knowing that brings fear. (We don’t know anything in reality about even the next moment, we just think we know).

In surrender there’s actually safety, and that is a profound discovery that comes from an authentic moment of surrender.

We tend to hold on to a lot of concepts and conclusions, we carry a lot of mental convictions and we want to be free but we want to be free with our mind made attachments; we refuse to let them go or even look at them closely to see them for what they are, we just assume they are true.

We (the ego) want to keep our beliefs because that’s what illusion is built upon. 

We want to preserve our (false) identity at all cost because we believe identity to be who we are, but when we understand our true nature then this entire illusion is being demolished and let go of. 

When we understand the nature of fear, where it comes from and how the ego uses it to keep us in bondage, then that awareness itself is what liberates us.

But we must be willing to actually look!

The mental fear is completely useless, it has no meaning whatsoever, it has no base in reality and it’s the number one tool the ego uses to keep itself alive. Fear. 

The only fear we need that is actually useful, is the natural instincts that we feel whenever we are physically threatened, it’s a warning system and completely natural.

An instinctual reaction to physical danger is all the ‘fear’ we need.

The mind-made stuff on the other hand; that’s pure psychological nonsense.

We are destroying ourselves and the planet we live on with fear; just see where most of humanities actions come from; it comes from a place of fear.

Made by the mind to push us away from the present moment and to not lose face, that’s how the ego keeps itself going.

It’s fear of Life itself. Fear of Life.

Read that again to really let the realization sink in; it’s all about fear of life and living.

Life is now, it’s not tomorrow and it’s not about what’s going on in our minds.

Without time and without believing every thoughts that passes consciousness, what else can there be but peace?

The moment you believe your thoughts you’re hooked in time (past and future), and the moment you let go of them (the attachment to thoughts), you’re free because you’re here and now, in the present moment (and you have gone beyond mind).

Look for yourself, look at the fearful thoughts and see their cause clearly – what a revelation it can be if you truly look!

It has to be a realization, you have to actually look, not just read this thinking it’s a nice idea and that it sounds great.

Awareness is the key to transformation and if we don’t look, then we’re letting the mind lead our lives and we remain ignorant.

To shift into a different state of awareness we have to actually become aware of how we respond and react to this moment – then from, and in this moment, there can be a transformation, not by imagining a different future, but to come from the heart in every moment, to right now have our attention on serving God. 

If we neglect to have a close look at how the mind operates on fear, then we allow ourselves to become slaves to it, and it will drag us through life, as it pleases, using fear as the biggest motivator for basically all our actions.

Keep exposing the mind to the Light of Truth and become free, or close your inner eye and remain in bondage.

Awareness is a choice and its point of attention is always here and now – we can always only look through the eyes of spirit or ego in the present moment

fear or peace


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