Doing things differently, not better (Challenge the status quo)

Challenge the status quo to create change

When I speak about doing things differently I don’t necessary mean doing them better.

I literally mean differently. 

It’s not so much about improving your life (although it will improve your life) but about exposing yourself to realms outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the only way we can move beyond where we’re at, is if we start to do, or at least consider doing, things in the opposite way that we have always done them.

Even the smallest things just to create some disturbance in the status quo helps open up our minds for change.

Things like sleeping on the other side of the bed, take a different route to work, or call someone instead of always texting them.

All types of deviations from the norm is enormously beneficial to us because it forces the brain and mind to respond and think differently and thus create new neurological pathways.

If we never challenge our brains and minds they get stuck in a rut.

I have shared this with you before but I’m sharing it again because it’s vitally important: 

Life can only change if we do

I learned this in rehab where I had to learn how to live in a new, healthy way, so I challenged every aspect of my life by saying Yes when I had always said No and so on.

Not always literally of course but to make a point, because even to stop and consider doing something differently opens your mind up to new ways of being and doing.

Even if you don’t actually do them, the act of considering and pausing and actually thinking before you act helps you grow spiritually and mentally.

Instead of mindlessly reacting without thinking we can learn how to stop and make a conscious choice.

And the choice of moving outside of the norm is always what transcends our current state of consciousness. 

So, .. 

Today I dare you to do something in a different way, or something completely different (new), – something that is out of character and maybe even dare devilish! 😀

Whatever it is it is bound to make you grow as a human being because once we move even an inch outside of what we normally do, things start to happen both in our physical brains and in our consciousness that leads to a fuller and deeper experience of life. 

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