Challenging but also the most blessed times

It’s through difficult times that our true spirit reveals itself.

You might not have anybody on your side that believes in you, or to even encourage you when things are really challenging – but as you have the courage to stay true to yourself your true nature will come forth and show itself to not only you but to those around you who maybe never believed in you or who thought less of you by defining you by what you had or did not have.

Sometimes I receive an email from someone that shares with me how profoundly my work (what I share and do) has touched and helped them on their journey in life and sometimes those emails comes to me just in the precise right time when I have needed to hear it the most because there are still times in my life when I’m questioning if I should continue doing what I do or not.

Because frankly; I need to support myself, I need to be able to live on the work that is being done through me but even though things are as they are at the moment with me financially, I’m also very well taken care of by Life so I keep moving forward as prompted and how the love from you guys comes to me sometimes just in the right time is clearly an indication that I should continue.

Not that I would stop following what is true to me but you know what I mean; I have days too when I’m seriously thinking of other alternatives. (Or more accurately I have moments – not days – as they don’t last very long anymore).

Even though those types of days come less and less they still do come now and then, but all in all; this is what I feel drawn to do right now and I will be forever transforming and exploring, discovering and expressing different aspects of myself.

This is how it is right now and even if there are aspects of my life that are challenging, overall I am and feel tremendously blessed.

And I constantly experience just the right people entering my life, the places, situations and encounters that play an important role in the unfolding of my life.

Things that happens and conversations that makes me even more clear about my priorities and values.

Just yesterday I met someone who said that “you have to take a job, any job, just to survive in this life” and I said ‘no you don’t, I don’t, and I don’t starve’, and this is true.

My time spent on this earth will never again be spent on others people’s plans and their rules of how I should use my time and energy; if something doesn’t resonate with me I’m not doing it, period.

I know how it is to have little, to eat potatoes and mayo for dinner and to not have a home of my own, but I’m not slaving for money one more day in my life.

I rather die than work just to survive, that’s not how life should be and I refuse to succumb to any of that; I am not here to chase after money and to live just to make money.

Don’t get me wrong; I love having money and all my needs met and so on, but I’m no slave to it.

This is what I mean: 

If this was your last day on earth, would you be doing what you’re doing, or would you do something different?

Wouldn’t you make this day count, wouldn’t you do that which gave you some kind of deeper meaning?

“You have to use logic and reason” this person said in reply – and I say ‘yes, and my logic and reason tells me that using my time on that which matters to me is most important and right now it’s about continuing doing my work the best I can even if the financial ‘rewards’ are scarce’.

I can’t compare myself and my life with other people’s lives.

Other people might have other circumstances to deal with, but I deal with what is right now in my life and I’m not starving – I have food on the table and a whole hotel to myself.

I enjoy myself; I currently live in a small town with a buzzing artsy vibe, lots of music and interesting people everywhere, and I love my early morning walks through the streets of Competa and in the surrounding nature here with my new dog-friend Skugge.

I feel blessed.

I really do feel so blessed.

Even now as I’m writing this I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes because I truly feel so blessed for what I have and for what I get to experience.

I sat on the couch last night writing and meditating on things and I felt so incredible blessed even if I don’t “have much”.

Because I do have much, even if I don’t.

And right now I experience an incredible flow, things fall into place without me doing much (sometimes nothing), and there’s signs and synchronicity everywhere, from the tiniest little things to the bigger. I notice them all the time.

It’s so clear to me that something bigger is orchestrating all this and my clarity around that is so, .. clear. Really clear.

So I smile a lot nowadays 🙂

And so with this post I want to encourage you that if you’re on what you believe is your true path, and if things are challenging at the moment; keep going, keep moving forward, don’t deviate from your true path; make that promise to yourself.

Stay true and let Life show you where it wants to have you next and remember that Life is always moving even if it feels like everything stands still.

The tides are always turning – all happens in cycles and the more we can be the witness to all the changes around us (detached yet attentive), the more aware we become to the little whispers of life that is constantly guiding us towards greater and greater, .. greatness.

You’re right on.

Trust that.

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