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Changing Your Energy From Reactive to Responding

Changing our energy creates a shift in consciousness.

Whatever we see in the world, or encounter in our own lives, we can meet it consciously.

With that I mean learning how to not react mindlessly or automatically out of habit and programming.

All it takes is a moment of paus.

If you see something that upsets you, simply stop and take a deep breath.

Become aware.

The energy you put out is what you bring to the situation.

So if you react with an aggressive energy, or with anxiousness or fear, or anger and resentment, then that’s what you also add to the situation.

That’s your contribution.

Think about that.

Ask how reacting the way you do helps the situation. What good comes out of it? Is it helpful?

You will find that most often it’s not helpful at all and that it’s actually worsening the situation.

So instead of adding the reactive energy to the situation and thus give it more power and fuel, stop for a moment and become aware.

And then instead of going with the reactive ego-mind, you let it go and you connect with a more constructive energy instead that comes from awareness. 

A response is conscious, you meet something with awareness, while a reaction is often unconscious and habitual (a learned response that is not conscious).

For example, if you watch the news, there’s a lot to be reactive about for the ego-self.

Watching violence, suffering, crimes, and other things they show on the news can also be looked at from the perspective of Spirit.

Responding rather than reacting comes from a shift in our energy, and a shift in energy comes from awareness.

An awareness that shifts you from feeling all wound up and upset to wanting to be part of the solution instead.

Maybe there’s not much you can actually do, but then again, maybe there is.

That’s not really the point.

The point is;

Is your reaction helping or worsening the overall energy of the situation?

Any change in the outer world will come from a shift in consciousness.

There needs to be a shift in our energy that then allows for something constructive to take place and unfold instead.

Because from every reaction and response something always unfolds.


Consciousness is always moving in some direction or another.

It’s just a matter of becoming conscious and aware of how we play our part in the unfolding of events.  

Do you want to be part of the problem, or do you want to be part of the solution? That’s the question. 

A conscious response to any situation in life is more constructive than a reactive unconscious one.

This can be applied to any situation in life by asking yourself if your energy – the energy you are bringing to the situation – is actually helping the situation or if it’s worsening it.

“What energy am I bring to this situation? From what state of consciousness am I coming from?”

And with the awareness that comes from asking this, a shift is possible. 

Transformational Coaching and Energy Work with Maria Erving

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