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A Change in Consciousness is a Death to the Old

To progress in life the old state of consciousness has to die. 

Consciousness is the only reality, and whatever you hold in consciousness, you also keep alive.

Your current reality can only live within your objective world if you keep it alive within you consciousness.

And what you let go of, dies. It has to. 

A person who holds on to the past however, to past hurts, to past mistakes, failures and shortcomings, that person holds themselves in an old state of consciousness that limits their perception of what is possible. 

They live in the past and are daily rehearsing the past only to re-create it again tomorrow so life never changes for them, they are only re-living their past over and over again. 

To have a better life, the old has to go and it can only go if you let go of it.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.” – Leonardo Di Caprio

God is your consciousness, and with consciousness you can create anything.

You can create both good and bad, new and old, whatever you want.

Whatever you hold in your awareness is what’s going to (continue to) unfold for you, so why not create something new and exciting instead of your past over and over again?

Become excited about the possibilities! 

Let the old die, let the past go, and feel the aliveness that arises in you when you do this.

Begin to feel the limitless possibilities that comes alive in you! It’s exciting! 😊

Shed the skin of the old you to become more the real you, die to the known (the things you remember and imagine and ‘know’) and enter into the Unknown where Life really is and where it becomes exciting and full of possibility. 

You are the Creator of your life and for the new to be born, the old self has to die, and when it does, you’re able to create a different life for yourself than what has been before because you’re no longer re-creating it from memory (‘what has been’). 

Whatever you fancy you can have – You can enter any state of consciousness by the use of your own free will to choose.

And when you make the conscious choice of being done with the past and you have a new exciting image of the future, you will naturally begin to align yourself with it and start moving and living your life from there instead. 

Your life will then start to mold itself to the new images that you are creating within your own consciousness, and by the death to the old, your new life will be born.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” – William Blake

When you become aware of where you live your life ‘from’, you can change your perception and focused awareness.

If you live your life by perceiving it from a view based on past experiences, you will continue to live it from that narrow and limiting perspective, unaware of all the other (limitless!) ways to from which to perceive (and live) life.

So observe your mind and the ideas and images that occupies it and allow yourself to shift to a different perceptive that is based in the present moment.

Right now you are sitting there reading this. That’s the reality of your life.

You’re not anywhere else but Here, Right Now. 

Your past is dead, but you can keep it alive, and you do so by your awareness, and whatever you allow to occupy your mind. 

The (joyous) revelation of the infinite and limitless comes when you open up the door of perception and your mind to the greater possibilities for yourself and your life!

Life is always created from the present moment, and this moment right now is your point of creative power, so use it wisely, constructively, positively and awesomely! 😊 

Decide to have a new kind of life, a fabulous life (why not??)  and consciousness will follow.

It always follows exactly what you give it to focus on. 


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