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Change Your Relationship With Life

Letting go shifts your relationship with Life.

For many people letting go is really difficult but the foundation of Life is non-attachment, that’s where our freedom is.

Today I want to invite you to release and let go if there’s anything in your life that needs to be released.

It can be about letting someone go, about forgiveness, or about letting go of control or ideas about how things ‘should be’, and so on.

Releasing the attachment is really an inner shift.

It’s not about not having things, it’s about not being attached to what you have (or desire/want to have).

For example, if you lose something or someone, don’t get frazzled and upset about it.

Don’t get needy and clingy, but let people and things come and go in your life freely.

Letting go is not about getting rid of things either, like unwanted emotions and so on (pretending they don’t exist.)

It’s about changing your relationship with those emotions and feelings, not holding on to pain and struggle, but to change your approach to how to handle them.

Meaning there’s a letting go of how you think things should be or how they shouldn’t be, how things should unfold or how other people should be or not be and so on.

All the opinions of the ego, that’s what I’m pointing at.

Those need to go because they don’t really help you when it comes to actually changing things.

All they do is that they keep you in a loop of emotional and mental turmoil and anxiety.

“Life should be this way or that way” or “they should behave in such and such way” etc.

That’s the holding on, when there’s an idea of how things should be and that then leads to irritation and frustration because the world or life is not as the ego thinks it should it be.

That’s the ego having a fit, or temper tantrum, because it doesn’t get its way.

But when we change our relationship with the emotions we have about the things that occur in our life, that’s when the things can start to change and transform.

If there is something you feel you’re holding on to that is causing you stress or inner turmoil, frustration, sleepless nights etc, ask yourself:

What needs to change, what shift needs to happen within myself? Not in the world, but in me.”

And then listen to what comes up.

Here’s an old article that you might find helpful:

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It’s not about the other people, or even the world. It’s always about You, about ourselves.

What attitudes and beliefs are fixed in your mind that keeps you in this emotional space that restricts your sense of peace and flow?

By looking closely at them they can be seen through in terms of where they come from and where they are based and when the realization hits you that’s when they can be released.

Letting go is acceptance of what is and where you’re moving freely with the world and life as it changes and unfolds.

Ask yourself:

“How can I be free inside to follow my real flow, not the inclinations and demands of the ego which is consumed about what is wrong ‘out there’?”

We have the freedom to choose how to ‘be’ inside by not projecting outwards but instead looking inside of ourselves to see what the shift is that needs to happen.

From that comes a different stream of thoughts, and then the energy naturally shifts to a different flow of consciousness.

Increased self-awareness will take you there.

Ask sincerely and contemplatively (attentively) within yourself:

Is there an area in your life where you’re frustrated, irritated, afraid, worried, or hurt?

What specifically feels out of flow, out of sync?

What is it that creates turmoil and throws you off balance in your life right now?

Write it down.

Next, as yourself:

  • What is it that I’m refusing to let go of?
  • What is it that I need to let go of or release?
  • What is it that I need to get a more relaxed attitude towards?

That is where to look because once the relationship to that changes, you’ll get back into flow with yourself, and that’s what it’s all about.

Not about avoiding, being angry, holding on, being afraid of losing something, etc etc.

It’s about letting go and setting yourself free by releasing the ego demands and fears that has taken hold of your mind and emotional state.

That changes your whole relationship with life and creates more ease and harmony for you, both on the inside and on the outside. 

Here’s an old article that I think you’ll like (and as always, just ignore the God-word):

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