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Your inner growth can’t be seen by others and while it may seem to others that you are just the same you have been for years, they can’t see what has happened in your inner domain if they don’t know you very well of course. Little by little when we become more aligned with our true self we begin to change the way we act in the world, we loose interest in things that once was important and we find more depth in our being.

Our words starts to change, the inner ones first and then also what we say out loud.

All this is very good, but can be very uncomfortable both for ourselves and the world. When we begin to speak out loud about our dreams and act with a certainty and confidence, even if it scares us at first, it s a very good sign of process. We are breaking our commitment to the old and are finding our true path and that might cause us to go through a process of spiritual growing pain. But nevertheless, the change in our behavior and thought patterns are a part of the journey and it are to be embraced. We will now act according to the new beliefs we have about life and when we become something more than we were before, life follows our energy and responds according to that new vibration.

Although this happens naturally, we need to make a choice about who we want to be in this world, and then be that person BEFORE we actually are.

That means making decisions from our future self as if we already were him/her.

  • How would your future self, your ideal self, act and speak in this moment in time..?
  • What would your future self chose? What would your future self say, how would your future self act..?

Remember the universal law of attraction says that before you can have something, you have to BE it, you have to be in the same energy frequency as that which you desire.

See yourself a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now and see how you see/percieve yourself.

See the successful and purposeful you and act from that person now. Brake free form the limitation of who you THINK you are now. That’s right; who you THINK you are now. You are way more than what you think you are, so make the connection with your Spirit and feel its power stirring up within you. Own it! You are IT.

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Transformational coaching


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