Cheers To Your Success! Removing Fear From Your Vocabulary So You Can Walk Into Your Destiny (New book)

“Cheers To Your Success! Removing Fear From Your Vocabulary So You Can Walk Into Your Destiny”

It’s finally published! A new book (by Carol Sankar) that I have co-authored in along with other authors such as Sheri Kaye Hoff and Louise Lautman.

Here’s a little snippet of the chapter that I contributed with:

“….What followed was the most severe moments of utter despair where I felt so trapped by life, unable to see any light in the tunnel, laying paralyzed of fear in bed at nights, unable to sleep, thinking thoughts like “What if I loose my home? (which I later did) What if I can’t support myself? (which I later couldn’t) What if I have nowhere to turn, no one to help me? (which I didn’t, except for one person that God sent my way, an angel on earth)

I have gone from feeling completely abandoned by God, I mean totally. I have raged and screamed to God, I have begged and pleaded, I have cried and tried to get my life to work. All the things that only kept my good away from me.

I have done it all. I think those times were my dark night of the soul. There are depression, fear and feelings of hopelessness, and then there’s something that goes beyond that. That was where I was.

When I began to search for answers of what was happening to me, I found out that many, if not most, of the most influential people in our time and history, have gone through times of great trials, and that gave me great comfort to know, because even if I had deep down always known that I would do something great with my life, I came to really believe that because of my experiences of feeling totally isolated from the world, I knew that there would come a time when I would be put in front of the world in some great and positive way.

I always held on to the inner knowing that on the other side of the stick, or the contrast that I was living, must be the equivalent of that. On the other side of fear there had to be a faith just as strong as my fear had been. And there was.

I learned that there’s a process in the evolution of going from fear to faith, the two opposites that divide life in two; oneness and separation.

What happened was, that when I went through my period of healing about ten years ago, when I decided to change my life to something completely different, I entered yet another period of healing, a time of un-doing myself yet again.

God asked me to move to Spain.

Before this request I had asked God to use me for the greater good, and I had said that whatever that might be, I would gladly be up for it as long as I could feel this peace I had found. Little did I know that there was even a deeper kind of peace, and that I would be experiencing that later on after many trials and times of utter horror of how life seem to evolve for me.

I lost everything….”

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