When Life Wants To Change You

Real change will come when it is brought about by Truth itself, and not by the ego who wants to behave “spiritually” or when trying to fit into a mold that sometimes in the spiritual arena says “evolved being: savior of the world”.

It’s Life that releases awareness to change you, not ‘you’ who changes in order to become someone special, or spiritual.

Life shows you where a need for change is and then you just go with it by taking action, or you let life do its thing through you.

It may seem totally illogical or trivial, but ‘you’ just go ahead and do it anyway.

The heart knows more than the mind – and the mind takes direction from the heart and not the other way around as in you thinking or figuring something out and then you go to your feelings to get something confirmed.

This is not about your feelings.

Intuition is deeper than that. It’s deeper and more impersonal than most might think. It’s not really about ‘you’.

It’s about what life wants to do through and as you.  

Sometimes people ask me if spiritual awakening will make them not care anymore and become aloof and disconnected almost (impersonal just means that the ego will not be the one that leads, and for the ego everything is about it; what it wants and desires and what it fears and wants to avoid), and I say no, that’s not how it is at all.

Just ignore those who talk in the pseudo-mystical way; “Nothing is happening, there is no one here to do anything, all there is is awareness and yeah, life just happens man, nothing to do, nowhere to go..” Groovy.

Urgh. (Yes, you still have opinions about things, you don’t stop being a human being). 

Awakening goes through many steps and layers (not any steps that we will ever know of beforehand and not in any specific order), and if it’s a genuine awakening the person becomes more compassionate and caring but also more not-caring in the sense that the need to have the image (ego) intact is no longer there, and there is no need to keep it maintained and protected.

Someone who has awakened to reality doesn’t play any games or charades.

Your heart opens up, but you also become very, .. I don’t want to use the word powerful because it implies something forceful – a better word maybe is that you stand firm in your own spiritual autonomy.

Both your Yes and No comes from the same place and it comes with integrity.   

So while we see life as a happening we also see the illusion and we still have our humanness to live out.

We still make choices although we know we’re not really making them, but that life is, as us.

We are true to ourselves in the regard that we know the only ‘safety’ there is in this world, is to follow what’s right in our hearts. (And the heart never hurts, because it knows it’s one with all).

Still there are remnants left of the ego, and it can still be present at times, and it wants perfection (“I must, I have to, I’m not..” I this and I that) and it’s also the ego that prevents you from making a choice because of fear of it being ridiculed or looked down upon or not accepted or not respected or whatever it might be that threatens the ego image.

What to do about that? By becoming aware of who you are not you will find out who you are.  

Ignore all the spiritual rules: mariaerving.com/spiritual-people-can-really-annoying

Be aware of what life shows you and then make a choice or change because it resonates and because you feel it the right thing to do – right now. It really isn’t more complicated than that.

It’s difficult for the ego though, because it wants to know and have a reason to everything. (“If I do this I will get that”, “If I go that way, this thing will happen” and so forth).

There’s always a somewhat clear (although imagined) outcome to every action for the ego, whereas the heart seldom tells beforehand how and where things will unfold. Life is a mystery, it can’t be known beforehand.

By this I mean; go with your own flow, there is no path that is like yours.

Don’t try to ‘become’ something because you think you should, it has to come organically, it has to be the obvious thing for you to do, a voluntary act so to speak.

Don’t become a do-gooder trying to be everything for everyone, otherwise life becomes a chore and it will burn you out.

Don’t try to act ‘holy’, just do what feels right, for you. 

It’s only natural to move in that direction.

We (humans) are the only ones on this planet that leave huge footprints (as a result of the activities of both the individual and community we live in) and why that is is because of the level of consciousness most still live from. (Ego consciousness). 

And the transformation to living from our true nature can’t come about until we have come back to who we really are because when we know who we are, we don’t hurt others and we value the things in life that really matters, such as nature and animals and other human beings. (Instead of money and possessions etc). 

It takes courage to make choices that might go against the grain, and to voice our opinions and being ‘different’.

But every choice must be done with integrity and because someone feels drawn to make that change themselves, so there are no rules or requirements other than each individual being true to what is true in their hearts.

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