Clarity and sanity comeback!

We are less than a week from big astrological happenings; there will be a new moon solar eclipse, Jupiter is entering one of his favorite signs Pisces and Mercury is finally moving forward again.

I get a lot of e-mails these days from people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed by big changes going on in their lives like being laid of jobs and such, and many write to me about confusion and fear; not knowing which way to turn or what to do.

Well, hang in there, because all that is about to change, and this week before next weekend, see to it that you work with the energies and make yourself ready for some big, positive turnarounds!

On Friday, there’s a solar eclipse, and that’s when this new year really begin. We have all been in a sort of a “spiritual waiting room” since about Christmas, and if you have used the time well, you will have a magnificent new beginning with all the planets starting to behave again:-) If you haven’t consciously used the energy, then do it this week!

New moons are perfect for setting out new intentions and goals, and the fact that this will be a new moon solar eclipse makes the energies even more powerful so make sure you use this week to plan, re-charge, make goal lists and get ready for the push forward next weekend!

Mercury, the planet of communication has been going retrograde for the last couple of weeks or so, and will turn direct again and change all the feelings of “stuckness” that many people are feeling these days. But it’s not a negative thing at all when Mercury goes retro, it’s a wonderful time to do all things that begins with re-, like: re-flect, re-charge, re-do, re-lax, re-visit, re-connect, re-evaluate, re-write, re-schedule, re-treat, re-peat, re-organize.. you get the picture:-)

And now that we have done all these things and used the energies in a constructive way, we are ready for new beginnings that comes out of the recent planning and re-thinkings– and with the solar eclipse too in all of this– ooh…! Wonderful times lies ahead! Things will really begin to move forward again.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, lucky breaks, great fortune, optimism, happiness, prosperity, purpose and expansion is entering Pisces where he really enjoys being (he co-rules the sign with Neptune),
so we have all a lot of positive change to look forward too, starting next weekend.

Use this week to plan, set goals, re-charge and get ready! Use the “sluggish” energies you might feel right now in a constructive way and don’t push things this week, rather give yourself a break and prepare yourself for a comeback to sanity and clarity– as a new dawn beckons in the near horizon.. YEY! 😀

Real healing and true transformation has to do with the removal of all that stands between us and Truth, it removes what you’re not, and empowers and expands the truth of who you really are.


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