Comment Notifier Settings (WordPress Plugin by Satallo)

Comment Notifier Plugin Settings

The Comment Notifier is a Great Little WordPress Plugin!

It allows blog visitors to subscribe to comment threads, receiving an email in their mailbox on new comments.

Scroll down to ‘comments’ on this post to see what I mean; there’s an option after you have written your comment if you’d like to receive notifications when a new comment has been added to the post/thread.

Here’s the settings I use, just copy it.

First, of course; add the plugin to your blog, and then:

Go to Settings in you WordPress back office > Comment Notifier:


Next—>> Email Settings: Use “tags” like for example {title}, {name}, and so on. You find the tags below the settings just below the ‘notification message body’ box:



Next—>> Thank You Settings: Same thing here; use “tags” like for example {title}, {name}, and so on. You find the tags below the settings just below the ‘notification message body’ box:

Next—>> Test It!:


And this is how it should look in your email inbox after you sent the test email to yourself:


That’s it! 🙂 Once this plugin is properly set, you can leave it alone. But you will have to test it until it works as you’d like it to. Test, test and test EVERYTHING and always!



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