Are You Really Committed To Your Calling?

Today when I was asking God to tell me what message I was to share with you the message of commitment came to me.

If you’re wavering in your commitment to follow your inner calling or if you feel you’re loosing faith, then this is for you.

So many people give up too soon, or they get lazy in their commitment and kind of waits for God to change things for them, or they fall in the trap of thinking “oh, well, I guess it wasn’t God’s will that I succeeded, so I just continue living my lame, pointless life”.

That’s the ego talking, or your conditioning, because God does not want you to fail, God wants you to succeed!

But you know what, this path is not for the fainthearted so if you’re going to cave in, then that just shows you’re not committed after all.

Commitment means you’re all in, come hell or high water!

It’s your belief in a God who would have his heir living a lesser life that keeps you small, not God.

It’s your belief about God that does that. God does not want us to live passive, purposeless lives. 

I hope you pick up the important point about the requirement to take courageous action, because the failure to take decisive action is why so many fail to actualize their vision.

That, and other things like having faith and so on, but the action part is really where most people are halfhearted in. 

They simply lack the courage and strong intention to move out into the world to do what is required, to do what their inner guidance is directing them to do.

This path takes relentless dedication!

You just have to keep walking, even when people leave you, even when things seem to fall apart, even when things look impossible, even when there seem to be no way out or through, you just gotta keep walking and stay in faith.

You have to.

It takes tenacity. It takes boldness. It takes self-discipline and singleness of purpose and mind.

And sometimes it takes separation.

You have to sometimes separate yourself from other people, from family, from media/TV/internet-surfing, from ‘worldly fun’; when all your friends go out and have fun you stay in and you study, you meditate, you work on your vision, you do everything you can – because it’s your calling to do just that, right now.

Soon enough the vision becomes a reality and then you will be able to have more fun than your friends have had in a lifetime. 

To be committed to your calling means that you’re committed always, not only when it feels convenient and good, but always; no matter what happens you’re going to keep this commitment.

There is no plan B in this kind of commitment. There is no backdoor.

In fact, sometimes all your bridges will be burned and you will have no other option than to forge ahead with nothing but faith in God.

That might be all you have.

Are you up for it?

Are you going to let your inner guidance lead you no matter what happens around you?

Are you going to follow through on the directions you receive?

There is nothing casual about this, and you will be asked to move outside of your comfort zone, not just once but many times.

You will be given opportunities to grow and develop and it’s not always going to be comfortable.

How do you develop faith for example?

It comes when you’re in situations where you are forced to either cave in or have faith; then you will be lead to learn about faith and how to apply it to your life and circumstances.

It comes by obeying the inner voice that tells you to do something and then you just go ahead and do it because you trust it and you believe in its integrity and authority.

And how about patience?

When the walls around you are caving in, do you have the endurance to just stand there (“stand still”) if God tells you to do so?

These are all valid questions.

I’m personally all in for God, and I know he’s all in for me.

I do whatever God tells me to do, I don’t care if it sounds foolish or silly to my ego; if God points me in a direction to do something, I’ll just do it, and you know what?

It works every time!

Whatever I’m asked to do and when I do it, I’m always ushered forward and upward.

God wants us to realize our true potential and calling. God does not want us to live in bondage and limitations. 

I don’t know if I have shared with you how I came to move to Nerja? 

It came to me when I was meditating, just like so many other things come to me when I go within and ask for direction and guidance.

I had felt drawn to Spain for a while and especially to Costa del Sol (Nerja is in Costa del Sol), but I didn’t know why or where or anything, so I asked God (or at that time I “talked to myself” as I went through the atheist-period in my awakening process) to show me where.

Then suddenly the name “Nerja” came up for me in my mind, so I jumped up and almost ran to my computer and searched for this place called “Nerja” that I hadn’t even heard about before, and immediately when I read about it I knew that that was where I was suppose to be going and a few months later I was here.

And I love it here (although my favorite place is still Los Angeles and I know I’ll end up there eventually.)

Everyday I feel so blessed to be here, and it could only come about because I am committed to follow my inner guidance and calling.

If I hadn’t listened to it and followed through this would not have happened. 

So today I invite you to recommit to your goals, your vision or dream or whatever it might be for you, if you feel you have wandered off path or if your faith is wavering.

Get back to Truth!

Say it out loud, verbalize your commitment, set the energies into motion again and don’t budge when things get tough, because sometimes it gets tough before it gets better.

Do it right now. Say it out loud.

“I am all in God, I will not give up, I trust this path, I’m committed, show me the next step and I’ll take it!”

And if you don’t have anybody, if you have burned all your bridges, if people have left you or you them, if you are broke, if you don’t have support around you, remember this: All you need is God

Recommit and be open to signals, directions, synchronicity and so on, and ask God to lead you and show you the way.

And when offers or distractions come up that would deviate you or try to get you off path, turn away from them and remember what you are committed to.

Because those times will come, there will be people, offers and so on that are not in alignment with your calling and you need to know that those are not from God; that’s why it’s vitally important that you have a relationship with your inner guidance and that you don’t only go to God in ‘bad times’ but at all times.

Ask for clear signs and clear direction;

“Show me what is mine to do, show me what to do today, and make sure I understand and act upon the guidance I receive. I am 100% committed to this”.

Know that God would not put a desire in your heart and then say ‘nah, your not gonna get it, I’m not gonna be there for you’!

God is all in for you, but are you all in for you? (and God)

God is committed to your progress. There’s nothing stagnant about God’s power. 

As I mentioned before, I sometimes do things that seem silly to my ego, but I’m committed to what God says so I don’t care what my ego thinks; even if God would tell me to jump up and down three times and then turn around four times while singing Christmas carols, then I would do that.

It’s that simple.

And every time I follow the guidance I get to read this, to go there, to stay put, to write this, or whatever it is, I DO IT.

This is so important. Just do it.

The action-part on your side will always lead you to a higher place, more insight, more inspiration, more understanding, more wisdom, more to enjoy, more to learn and share and so on.

It’s God’s nature to move life-ward.

It’s how we’re suppose to live. We’re suppose to grow and evolve, thrive and expand and so on. 

I hope this empowered you and that you’re not going to let go of your vision, no matter what – if God has given you an assignment he also provides the means that helps you actualize what he has set out to do through you.

Believe it!

All in for God

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