I’m now in Competa, Spain

After an unfolding of events I’m no longer going to Dublin (Ireland) but instead I’m now in a small Andalucian town called Competa.

Competa is just outside of the city of Velez-Malaga and Torre del Mar (up in the mountains), not far from where I previously lived.

And it’s close to Nerja too where I lived before that.

I arrived here in Competa yesterday and will be staying here for a month, and maybe longer, depending on how things unfold and where Life wants me to go.

Earlier today I was out taking a few pictures for you that I just posted on Facebook and from what I have seen so far it seems to be a cozy little town with approximately 4000 people living here from all kinds of countries.

From now on I will be able to write more and do all the other things I do (like for example my Teleclasses) and I really look forward to it all, so stay tuned 🙂

Here’s the album I just posted on Facebook – Click Here.

Competa, Spain

Competa, Costa del Sol, Spain. The mountain in the picture is La Maroma.


Tonight is the full moon; a perfect time for endings and completions.

As one door closes, another door opens; be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new.

I like rituals and I usually do one every full moon because they naturally always have some kind of completion or ending to them in my personal life, such as this one where I have left one place and entered another.

This of course also means that I have left one phase in my life and now a new beginning, .. well, begins 🙂

Here’s a few of my older articles that has to do with full moons, letting go of the old and moving on towards the new:

mariaerving.com/full-moon (Scroll down the page and you see the links there). 

Tomorrow is a new day – make it a brand new beginning by letting go of the past and the old, and also complete things that needs to be completed today so that all is fresh in the morning.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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  6. Lynne

    I just found my way to you. I read one thing where you lost your home then you were in Spain. Did you lose your home & decide to travel? I would like to know they details. I am wondering if I am reading anything in the wrong order. Thank you, Lynne

  7. The order of happenings;

    In February 2014 I gave away everything but what could fit into two suitcases and I took them with me as well as my cat and laptop and moved from Scandinavia (Norway) to Spain (Nerja, Costa del Sol).

    Here’s a couple of posts I wrote from that particular time in my life:



    Then in December 2014 I lost my cat, he got really sick and I had to put him down.

    In February 2015 (I think it was, Feb/Mar sometime) I lost my home in Nerja and moved in with friends for a while.

    After that I borrowed someone’s (a complete stranger) apartment (they just gave me the keys to their home in complete trust) and I have also done house and pet sitting after that up until now.

    So I have lived a little bit here and there for the past few months now (from around February this year when I lost my home).

    Right now I’m once again back in Competa (Spain) where I take care of a cute little dog and I will be here until approximately the end of August.

    Here’s a more recent post about where I am at the moment:


    So that’s how the order of how things has unfolded for me.

    It has been a journey to say the least, one that I could never had predicted.

    Here’s a more recent post about that too:


    So Life chose this adventure for me and it’s funny that you should ask about traveling because I’m actually thinking of going on a longer (backpacking) trip to India instead of getting my own place to live here in Spain.

    But I’ll write more about that later on when I’m ready to share more details about everything.

    And so right now it fits perfectly into my life to do house and pet sitting assignments until I have saved up enough money to be able to travel.

    More about house and pet sitting can be found here (should you know of someone that could need someone to take care of their pets/homes):


    I’m also (obviously) open to be invited to live somewhere for a while (like for example how it was with the person who gave me the keys to his apartment), so if someone who reads this has a place to offer for me where I could stay for a while then feel very free to contact me.

    I’d really appreciate it.


    If you look at my sidebar you’ll see where it says “100 most recent posts” – the ones that are at the top, they are the most recent articles that I have published so you can always go there to see what the newest postings are.

    Not all of them are about my personal life of course, but sometimes I do share about what’s going on in my life too as I did in this particular article.

    And of course, joining my mailing-list is an option too to get the most recent updates from me since I always write emails to my list in the moment.

    (I don’t have already prepared messages that I send out; they are always written and sent the very same moment as I’m inspired to write, so they are always ‘new’ so to speak and sometimes I share about my whereabouts in them).

    If you’re not already subscribed, you can join here if it resonates:


    Hope that helps clarify things for you and please feel very welcome to ask more should there be any other questions, I love when people comment on my blog! 🙂

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