Change The Concept of Self and Life Changes Too

What I have come to see very clearly is that all of life is consciousness; it’s the sum of our existence, and depending on our concept of Self, whether it’s a positive or negative one, that’s where we found ourselves having our being.

Although the Truth of who we are is beyond concepts, in this article I’m talking about the beliefs we hold of ourselves and our overall attitude about life and who we believe we are.

I see this very clearly in the people I come in contact with, and I see their transformation very clearly when they leave one concept in favor of another, and when they begin to trust themselves – That is the greatest joy for me to see.

There are people who complain and moan about life month after month (they write me and tell me about their misery but they don’t do anything about anything), and there are people who implement the things I suggest them to do – and it’s very clear to me that those who complain and find the negative aspect in everything are the ones who most strongly hold on to some kind of beliefs and are unwilling to investigate them and let them go.

Beliefs about life, beliefs about Self.

“Life is difficult, all I want is money, then I’ll be safe”.

“Life just continues to kick me down and nothing ever goes right”.

And sometimes I’m very happy to hear things like:

“Oooh, Maria! I feel so relieved! I did what you told me and I was a bit scared at first but then I listened to my gut and I feel so free and happy now!”

It makes me so happy to receive these types of messages! I love when people listen to what I’m saying because I know that only by applying what you learn will you ever move on from where you are.

It’s not enough to read and listen and then go on and read and listen to somebody else, and then go and read something else and so forth. We must DO! Don’t just jump from one teacher/teaching to another.

Until someone is willing to actually go within and do “the work” themselves, nothing will change.

They will continue suffer and struggle, and they will go deeper and deeper into self-pity and victim-hood, and with that comes the perspective that life is very unfair and difficult.

But life is actually neutral (and impersonal), it only responds to your concept (belief) of it.

If they only believed me when I say that the moment they start to question their beliefs and concepts wonderful things start to happen, and progress can only come from moving with the new insight or knowledge (even if it’s only understood conceptually, go ahead and DO IT, that’s my core message today).

Life will open up as you go with it and as you go within, and not without. What a difficult things this seem to be with some people!

With ‘without’ I mean stop reading horoscopes hoping that maybe this week life will be better, or maybe this month is your month when it comes to your finances or career, stop asking psychics for guidance in your relationships or whatever, and stop reading those Tarot cards over and over again until you get the answer you want to hear!

All those attempts to get answers from elsewhere but your own inner being are fruitless and a waste of time and energy. (And money!)

Stop all that looking and searching for the answers and solutions from outside of yourself and start going within and learn to trust yourself.

There is no power outside of yourself.

Whatever you believe has power over you only have that because you have accepted that belief as being true, so you are making yourself powerless and you’re limiting your life experience if you think that someone or something else knows more than you about your own life and what you should or should not do.

The economy is not determining your success, other people can’t hold you back (stop blaming others), and know that you can take your power back any time by letting go of the belief that there’s a source outside of yourself that dictates or directs your life.

As long as you see yourself as a victim of circumstances you will remain a victim, but as soon as you claim your power back and say to yourself that You decide what goes in your life, things will undoubtedly begin to happen and the things that will begin to happen will be to your benefit and yes, also to your joy and fulfillment!

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you think about yourself, you can at any time change your perspective and then life will take on a different tone, I promise you that.

If you are determined to realize the Truth of who you are, then you have to start looking into the person you take yourself to be today and start questioning your assumptions of who you think you are.

The moment you say (to yourself, with authority);

“I am not going to be a victim anymore, I want to know the Truth of who I am and I want to live that out fully, and I want to change NOW!”

Then the wisdom within will respond positively to that and it will start clearing up the path before you and give you all the resources and help you need in your journey to self discovery and realization.

Do it now.

Take back your power and experience how the change of your concept of self (from accepting being a victim to claiming your power back) will propel you quickly into a new, empowered path and you will know just what to do, without any help from oracle cards, astrology or any imagined ‘ascended masters’ (what are you, a slave? Only slaves has masters) or all-knowing gurus.

You already know what to do, and if you’re suffering then the only thing that ‘makes’ you suffer, is your own concept of self and the distrust in the power of who you really are. That’s all.

You can change that by going within and asking questions like:

“What is the Truth of who I am?”

“What do I need to let go of?”

“What do I need to do more of?”

“Show me how to be who I really am”.

Here are some of my older articles – do the questions that resonates and leave the rest knowing that when we ask, we get the answers we need.

It’s a great idea to have a journal as well and write down your thoughts in them. It helps clarifying your questions and also it’s great to have to look back on to see your own progress later on.

Who am I?

Deep Self Inquiry Is Beyond Mind and Thinking


This quote just came to mind (see pic), I think it’s kind of funny and also empowering in a ‘weird’ way 😀

Many times people are stuck in concepts of themselves because the people around them are telling them that they are different (“not like everybody else”) and that they can’t do what they desire etc (putting them down basically by constantly feeding them with negativity) and as long as you believe them, you will hold the very same concept of yourself that they have.

But really, their negativity comes from their own insecurity so I say go ahead, embrace your weirdness and enjoy who you are (and get rid of your ‘friends’ that doesn’t believe in you!)

Follow Your Weird

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