Consciousness creates reality

Has your Consciousness been Hijacked by the Ego?

Is your consciousness hijacked by the ego?

When you’re in alignment with the Truth within you, you are the creator of your life, and when you’re not, the ego (false self) is creating it for you. (Many times without the person even being aware of it). 

Life always shapes itself in harmony with that which we are in consciousness, and when you realize your inner powers and abilities to affect consciousness and energy, your life will transform in harmony with your inner change.

When you come home to yourself, you live in harmony with yourself and the Universe, and from that alignment, your truest and best life can unfold. (All according to your own individual ideals and values).

Until then, the false self is in charge of your life and what you call your reality.

This state of inner conflict in the individual is also what is expressed as a whole in our society.

It’s simply all consciousness objectified and expressed, both collectively and in our individual lives. 

Everything is Consciousness. 

Life always shapes itself in harmony with that which we are in consciousness, so if life is created from the perspective of the false self then that’s what you get; a very limited version of what life could be.

If you on the other hand take charge of your inner world and your energy and consciousness starts to shift, your life will transform in perfect harmony with your new, improved inner change. 

Life is all about the energy of your beingness and state of mind. 

No matter what happens to you in life you have the power to overcome it if you change your mind and energy to a new level of awareness and perspective. 

And as you change your consciousness in this way you’ll also change your life to a completely new reality! 

Below are a few of my older articles that I pulled up from the archives for you that has to do with having the false self as the ruler of your life.

Hope you enjoy the read! 😊

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