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A consciousness shift is taking place globally (coronavirus crisis)

There is an awakening taking place, and this crisis is part of the transformational process.

The coronavirus quarantine and lockdown period right now will either push people more into ego, or more into alignment with who they really are and the flow of Life.

People will either pursuit external pleasures and entertainment (increase their connection with ego consciousness), or they will take this time to really think about what’s important in life and how they need to change their ways (increase their alignment and connection with their soul) for greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

The coronavirus crisis can serve as a great turning point for humanity.

I just met someone when I was out walking my four-legged friend this morning, and she jokingly (and slightly embarrassingly) said that “I’m afraid I’m starting to enjoy this time” (in quiet solitude), and even though it was meant as a joke, I know that many people feel bad for actually feeling good.

The same with peace; when people start to live with a greater level of inner peace, they feel weird at first because the ego-self is used to always have some kind of problem or drama to solve.

Most people live on a level of consciousness where fear is normal, where worrying and being horrified about what’s going on is the ‘right way’ to be.

Then, when they start to feel a little bit of relief, peace and even contentment and happiness, they start to feel bad and weird, as if there was something wrong with them.

But there’s nothing wrong with them! They are just getting back more into alignment with their true nature.

We are meant to live our lives from a place of peace. Fear is what hinders the experience of that, and fear is always from the conditioned self.

Things are shifting now though, and fear is losing its power – for those who are willing to take this time right now to look deeper into themselves.

The time has come for humanity to get back into alignment with the truth of who we really are, and with Life, the universe itself.

The old ways are crumbling and won’t work anymore.

Alignment is what we’re moving towards, but it’s a choice every person must make for themselves.

If you are one of those people who are bored, or think you’re going to go ‘crazy’ because you don’t have anything to ‘do’ in this lockdown period, then Life is now calling you to go within to meet yourself.

This time right now is your chance to align with a life that is very different from the life you’ve known up until now. Take it. Get in alignment with the flow of Life.


Here’s an old article that came to mind that I know will be helpful to anyone who’s feeling bored or alone in the Coronavirus lockdown or quarantine period:

Why aloneness on the spiritual path is a blessing

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