Oprah quote about choosing own path

Whatever you give your energy and attention to, that’s the world you step into

You can enter into a new reality at any time and begin drawing it into your experience.

We’re always in the momentum of creating and attracting something, and that something depends on our focus and attention, but most importantly, on our beliefs.

Everything already exists.

All levels of consciousness are already lived by other people, and your level of self-awareness and awareness is what determines your access to it.

Once you’re reached a certain level, or attained a goal or dream, whatever it may be for you, it feels ‘normal’ to you because now that’s your reality.

For someone else your level of living might be a big dream or goal, while your current dream is bigger than what you have lived before, and those who already live that dream that you want, is in turn dreaming even bigger.

We’re all here to continuously grow and expand, to become more, and also to enjoy more, so know this; whatever you want already IS, and you can absolutely have it.

Your life has a unique unfolding, a specific flow.

And you can have a brand new reality, a reality that you have never lived before, if you follow that flow.

Your old programming can never figure out the ‘how’ so it goes backwards to the past to try to find answers to something that it’s beyond its comprehension, and this is where most people are stuck.

Life can become so abundant and whole when you let go of efforting and trying to figure things out from the old level of consciousness.

What you are is the flow and when you’re aligned with That, Life will pull you off the couch and into action with no ‘trying’ on your part.

Make your #1 priority to connect to the flow first, and then all other things will be added onto you.

Quiet down the old programming by becoming still for a moment and listen to what bubbles up and then follow the guidance you receive.

No more hoping, wishing, or struggling to ‘make it happen’.

Let it happen.

The universal flow is always there, here, it’s the internal that has to get aligned, so to step into something different you have to choose and become (align with) something different.

Then things become more effortless and unfold with much more ease.

It’s when your energy and consciousness is disharmonic with the flow of Life that you’re in misalignment.

So essentially, what’s in the way is always our beliefs, the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs and programs that has been installed in us, they are locked into our mind, body and energy system.

It’s not our fault that we have been programmed to whatever limiting and resticting ways that we live, but it is our responsibility to get that crap out of our system and have it cleared out.

When the blockages are removed, life can take off like a freakin’ rocket! 😊

But until we have done the inner work, nothing shifts.

And when we do the inner work, everything shifts.

Why we don’t see or experience a better life, or why it seems impossible to manifest a higher life, is simply because of the filters we have that screens out all the goodness that life has for us.

When the filters are removed you have purified your signal to the universe and that’s when you will manifest much more clearer and faster whatever it is that your next vision is for your life.

Override the old programming and install a program that is based in Truth.

It’s the inner world that creates the outer world so clear your energy field and reset your system to operate without any mind-viruses.

We attract what we’re in harmony with and when you get on the right frequency of what you want (by removing what’s in the way for the flow), the things that you want will come to you.

“Move and the way will open.” – Zen Proverb

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Consciousness is the only reality, and whatever you hold in consciousness, you also keep alive.

Your current reality can only live within your objective world if you keep it alive within you consciousness.

And what you let go of, dies. It has to. 

A person who holds on to the past however, to past hurts, to past mistakes, failures and shortcomings, that person holds themselves in an old state of consciousness that limits their perception of what is possible. 

They live in the past and are daily rehearsing the past only to re-create it again tomorrow so life never changes for them, they are only re-living their past over and over again. 

To have a better life, the old has to go and it can only go if you let go of it:

A change in consciousness is a death to the old

To overthink things frustrates the flow.

Live Now, and life fully, and never be afraid to fail and never allow yourself to stagnate.

Do the things that’s on your mind and heart before it’s too late.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.” – Erma Bombeck

Every time you enter into a new vision and an upgraded version of yourself, life rushes to meet you to fill the space of the old that you have just released from your life.

All kinds of new opportunities, people, and situations are able to find you when you get in alignment:

When you let go of the old, the new rushes in to take its place

If your energy is off, your ideal life can’t come to you no matter how hard you try or how much you try to change things on the ‘outside’.

Energy is your best and most powerful tool that you have available and by learning to manage and master it, you become a conscious co-creator of your life.

It’s all an inside job and knowing this should leave you feel incredibly empowered and willing to take full responsibility of how your life will unfold from now on:

Your energy and consciousness decides your future and flow

In consciousness there are numerous fixed states that people compartmentalize themselves in according to what they believe to be real and true.

Just as the Kingdom of Heaven is in our minds, so is the Hell that many people believe in.

They are not places outside of ourselves; they exists in consciousness only, and the only thing that keeps them in place in our minds is the belief we have in them.

The “Kingdom of Heaven” is right where you are. We are already in paradise but most people don’t know it.

Instead they believe in their mind-made Hell. That’s how most people live:

Everything is Consciousness

When you change the stories you tell yourself, your life changes too.

Anything you desire already exist in consciousness and is awaiting for your embodiment.

Awaken it in yourself. It’s already here, it just needs to be honored and believed in.

We are all only limited by the story we tell ourselves about the things and events in our lives.

Nothing has more power over you than the power you give it.

The moment you change your inner talk and language, you’ll also radiate a different energy to the world and in how you communicate with the universe:

The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives

Your true human potential gets unlocked once you get alignment with the flow and you come to realize the limitless being that you are.

If I would suggest One Single Goal in 2020 to anyone it would be this:

Find the flow of your life, get in alignment with it.

Make that your number one goal and watch your life transform before your eyes!

There really is no better way to live and you’ll know this once you start living it. 

When you have found your flow you have truly found yourself and the purpose of life. 

Transformational coaching

Get in Alignment and Transform Your Life

When you get in alignment you will have every area of your life completely change and transform for the better. Your relationships (with everything in life), your sense of aliveness, well-being, freedom and inner peace, everything shifts for the better as you open to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.



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