Everything is Consciousness

.. And everything exists in consciousness.

In consciousness there are numerous fixed states that people compartmentalize themselves in according to what they believe to be real and true.

Just as the Kingdom of Heaven is in our minds, so is the Hell that many people believe in.

They are not places outside of ourselves; they exists in consciousness only and the only thing that keeps them in place in our minds are the belief we have in them.

Kingdom of Heaven is right where you are. We are already in paradise but most people don’t know it.

Instead they believe in their mind-made Hell.

That’s how most people live.

They believe in their spiritual ideas and concepts and they believe in their fears and worries. 

We have all believed in different things throughout our whole lives, like at one point we believed in Santa, the tooth fairy, and I have also believed in angels and archangels and so forth in the past.

I now know everything is an aspect of myself (no matter what it is) and that includes angels as well as Santa and the boogie man. (Not sure if I have ever believed in the latter though:)

The same when Jesus came to me; I now know that the vision was how my consciousness could communicate to me what I needed to hear, and knowing that doesn’t diminish the experience itself.

I’m sure I didn’t think “oh, crap what a fool I have been to believe in Santa!” when I outgrew that belief either.

We simply move on with our lives. 

And then with the awakening process when all kinds of beliefs fall away we might go through a period when we look at other people and think “oh, my gawd, they actually believe that” and we can detect arrogance in our own thinking, and that’s a good thing to detect.

When we detect arrogance in ourselves we have the opportunity to look even deeper into ourselves, because feelings and emotions are not ‘wrong’, they are only pointers and way-showers.

We know that if there is no love it means we are off path, so by recognizing and admitting the arrogance we detect in ourselves we can discover even deeper truths about who we really are because when we allow ourselves to feel what we feel, then we can investigate where it all really comes from.

We need the negative emotions and even the arrogance in order to become humble and to grow in our compassion towards people and where they are on this journey that we all share together.

We grow and evolve. We mature. All in our own way and in our own pace. 

People are where they are and and are confined and restricted in their life by different kinds of beliefs, that’s the world they know, the world they take to be true and real.

And as long as they never question anything they continue to be in bondage and not be able to experience a life in an expanded, free flowing way. 

Religion in particular is a very strong held belief and as long as that is not questioned or looked into deeply (when the belief is not challenged), there will be no true freedom for those people.

Religion is the simplest example to use when showing how a state of consciousness holds people in a fixed state, but the same goes with other ‘groups’ too, it’s not only about the people we can make fun of (“religious nuts”) or the ones that we think are cute (children who believe in the tooth fairy).

Every state of consciousness has their own little rules and set of behaviors, ways to dress and speak etc, and if someone behaves differently they are looked upon as weird or whatever.

We can giggle when we see priests and ministers speak in tongues on TV, but at the same time think it’s perfectly alright to kiss another human beings feet in our own mode of worship. (Guru scene).

Everything is just a state of consciousness; in the new age arena people look and behave in a certain way, in non duality there are different ‘rules’ such as that you shouldn’t have any desires or goals (you just ‘go with the flow and let life decide’) and so forth.

And the body language is pretty much the same with all of the people who are self proclaimed holy men and women in the Guru scene just to make an example; the gazing aloof look, soft speaking, centered Buddha postures and hand movements and so forth.

Then we have the personal development arena where it’s all about arousing the ego with loud “whoo ah yeah!” and explosive body language (usually with fingers pointing to the mind) and so forth to make people feel reeeeally empowered and good for a few hours or a weekend.

..only to then a few days later (after the seminar) they again sit on their couches feeling miserable and looking for a new product or live event that will make their egos feel reeeeallly good for a few hours or a weekend.

And on and on it goes.

Take any state of consciousness (mind) and you can see that there are certain rules in every state that everybody more or less follows and if anyone deviates from that and goes their own way (they think ‘differently’/are free thinkers) or if they question something, eyebrows are lifted and sometimes there’s even gasps to be heard.

Oh, how humans are funny that way 😀

Everything exists only in different states of consciousness (and none of them are ‘wrong’, that is not what I mean to say with this article), and when you wake up to the consciousnesses Itself (that holds all the different states), you see that everybody is free to move into whatever state they want, all that is required is to realize that no beliefs are true, and that wherever you go, you remain true to yourself. 

Then you are free. Then you can play for real in this marvelous event called Life.

You realize that all you see and experience is of your own making.

And you can change and transform into whatever you want, because everything is an aspect and part of your own consciousness. You become playful and carefree. 

When you discover and realize the true nature of your being, when you wake up to who you are, you come to know that the real Christ (the power that creates the world) is within, it’s a state of consciousness where there are no limits, and that it’s not a person that one day will come down from the clouds in heaven to save you.

You are completely transformed and the process of awakening takes away all your beliefs (whatever they may be) and leaves you with only the awareness of I AM for a while and then suddenly one day you are given the whole world.

There is nothing but I am, and you kind of flow with that for a while.

You can read about my process through all these different phases I have gone through here on my blog.

I was for a while only awareness/emptiness/everything-nothing-ness (=”I am”) and then one day I woke up in the morning with the intuition that I was going to receive a vision that day, but instead I was told to create one, and from that day on I feel that I stand in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven and that all that I desire already exists. 

Before I could come to this I had to wake up from duality.

What must be done to live from this place of power within, is to get rid of all the different spiritual ideas and beliefs (by seeing through them) and realize that everything we believe to be true really isn’t, and that whatever you think is holding you back or down, are only your own mental garbage, junk and nonsense and that you need to stop carrying around. 

The process of awakening will undoubtedly empty your mind (of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’) and you will be born anew.

Everything will be let go of, that includes your dreams and desires, goals and plans, and your concepts of yourself and life at large. All of it.

And when the day comes for you to create your new vision, you’ll do it from a totally different perspective. 

“God” is consciousnesses and can be molded into anything and we are free to move on from one state and start living from another but you have to dare to look deeply within yourself and above all; trust Yourself to know what’s right and best for you.

With the right use of your mind and the power tool that it is, you can transform your life.

Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” means don’t believe what the world tells you are true, don’t believe what your ego tells you is true, don’t believe what appearances tell you are true – believe in who you are and know that you are more powerful than you know.

No longer will you be using affirmations like a parrot, merely repeating the same words over and over again (which is only reinforcing the true belief you have of yourself: the unhappy/unsuccessful person who wants to be happy/successful), never again will you say grace emotionlessly at the dinner table, never again will you kiss another Guru’s feet:

You are now affirming what you know yourself to be, not what you wish to be, you are now feeling deep, sincere gratitude for everything because you realize how truly blessed you are.

You now know who and what you are and this awareness is what liberates you!

You see how everything are merely games in consciousness and you don’t take any of it seriously.

But most people stay in one state of consciousness because it feels familiar and safe, or they have given their power away to someone or something outside of themselves (cross, angels, guru, horoscopes etc) and they worship that ‘idol’ instead of valuing themselves and their own innate power.

When we worship or think someone or something is more powerful than we, we get stuck in a state of consciousness.

That’s like transferring your power to an external thing, condition, or person, giving away your power to them.

People who follow their gurus year after year thinking the guru is superior, or the person who only works to get money, they are poor and in bondage because they give their power away to money, ‘idols’ and symbols like the cross.

All states exist and are a fixed part of creation (complete in itself by the beliefs we hold), but we can at any time enter another state consciously and move into different states as the awareness itself, and what drives us is a desire, an innate desire that every living being has in common, and that is the desire to grow and evolve.

That means we have to go within to find that desire again if we have lost touch with it, or we have to look at what we don’t want and then direct our thinking towards a different path that is more desirable.

Above all, we need to trust ourselves and be true to ourselves, knowing that we are all originals in our true self-expression and that is the most beautiful thing ever!

Truly, know thyself as consciousness itself and be free.



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  5. Vishnu

    Please take this in a positive sense… 😀
    Have u ever thought how would u feel when u r about to die?

  6. Of course Vishnu! 🙂 It’s an interesting question, but my answer is very simple.

    I think death is just a transition to something else. I think I live forever and that life goes on. (As consciousness)

    And maybe we just get a new body to live through in a next life, who knows, I guess I find out when I get there 🙂

    My interest is about This Life and This Moment and I have never been interested in past lives or any of that. I’m sure I have lived before (but again, who knows) but my focus is on being here and now fully.

    Nor has death ever been something I have feared. When that day comes, it comes, and then the journey continues in some other way. I’m very relaxed about the whole thing.

    How about you, what are your thoughts about it?

  7. Vishnu

    We are travelers…we have a destination to reach…but our roads are different…Life as a human being in physical world is a road that definitely leads to the destination…and the time that we have is enough to traverse the whole road and reach the destination…But if we because of our ignorance are unable to traverse the whole road in this life and our time ends… we are picked up from one road and put on another road… another life…another chance to reach to the ONE

    It would be good if we would be able to traverse the whole path in this life only…I expect to meet GOD at the end of my road

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That’s a perspective many people in the world share with you Vishnu.

    Just curious; from having read your previous comments on my other articles as well, you believe that you will ‘meet God’ (as you put it) when your time has come to move on from this particular life-time, that that’s when you will experience Oneness?

    You don’t have to wait. God is a living thing and alive within you at this very moment. God is where you are, right now.

    A simple but very powerful thing you can do is to meditate on the words “Presence of God” (and “presence of God in my life, presence of God this room that I’m in, the presence of God in my body, in my mind and heart and in all my affairs” etc) until you feel it.

    Say the words over and over again as you meditate upon them and it (the God within) will reveal itself to you.

  9. Vishnu

    Oh yes…u r perfectly correct…we can experience oneness with super consciousness while we are living and be perfectly peaceful and harmonious life.. and thats a really really great experience…I can tell that from my experience

    But we have manifested ourselves from the cosmic power into this physical world and the end of this life is an opportunity to go back to the cosmic power to never return back into this physical world ..and remain one with the super consciousness for ever.
    “meet God” meant nirvana (unite forever with super consciousness to never be born again)

  10. If that’s what you believe then that’s how you will perceive and experience life and then there’s not much I can say about that.

    To me it’s just a concept and concepts limit our life experiences.

    Have you ever questioned that concept? What if there’s no Nirvana at all?

    We don’t even know what happens when we die so to me it’s mind boggling that people go through life waiting for some Nirvana reunion with the big Kahuna. (Or Jesus, or whatever else there is).

    Life is now, and now is all we really have (that we know of for sure), so why not enjoy it to the fullest right now?

    I’m not expecting an answer, I’m just pointing towards other ways to perceive life in its complete fullness right now.

  11. Vishnu

    Your perception and questioning is a good sign..we should live in now…and we should enjoy life to the fullest…
    But for me its just impossible to think that this whole universe which is billions of light years vast is made just to live in and die…why would god or nature will create such a big Creation when we have nothing to do with it at all (he could have just created this one planet earth for us where we all can live with him for ever peacefully)…there is definitely a purpose behind this whole manifestation of the universe
    We haven’t created the universe…God has created it…and he does everything with a purpose…and I believe that we should not just live with him as one but live as one with him and WITH HIS PURPOSE…and his purpose I believe is our ONENESS with him permanently…which I call Nirvana

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