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If you don’t control your imagination, it controls you

You have within yourself the key to all creation.

All creation comes from your imaginative activity that causes feelings (vibration=communication to the universe) and your actions (and also inaction/indecisiveness=stuckness).

The goodness of life, happiness, success and achievements are unlimited (consciousness is forever expanding if we allow it) and the power to provide them for you exists in your mind; they come from your imagination.

We see only the possibilities which our limited consciousness is able to perceive and with the ego you pretty much live a confined and restricted life, yearning for more but never able to attain more than you currently have.

All the while all possibilities are inherent in every situation, and the more aware you become (or wake up to Life), the wider consciousness can expand.

And the more awareness there is and the more it expands, the more possibilities becomes apparent, and the more obvious becomes the many choices that are open and available to us.

Suddenly we see things that weren’t there before, seemingly not there! In reality they were there all the time, we just didn’t see it (because our awareness was limited).

Waking up to Life itself, when consciousness slips back to its original nature, shifts your identification from the small ego-self to the Supreme Self (which is no self, or any ‘self’ you want it to be), and when this happens, life becomes limitless, because that is its true nature (and yours).

Awakening frees you from limitations and restrictions (ego), but even if a person never wakes up (as in “enlightenment”), he/she can take charge of their mind and energy and develop and exercise trust and belief in the path that they have chosen.

Anyone can win the game of life.

Awakening just plunges you more deeply into life and you become one with it.

So whoever you ‘think’ you are, you can become more; You are free to choose your ideal life, so wherever your heart leads you, you must follow, with an inner certainty that you are acting in accord with the deepest motivations of Life.

It is leading you into Truth, that’s the way of the heart; but you have to have the guts to follow it.

Once you trust that there’s more beyond what the surface self ‘knows’ and you learn to control it and not be controlled by it, a world is revealed to you that has no boundaries, that is infinite and limitless.

You can become anything you desire, can accomplish anything you truly want, for in a very real sense all events and things have their origin and existence in you.

Increase your awareness and you’ll see this very clearly.

How would it be to think an original thought, a thought that has never been thought before? Not by you or anyone else. Ask yourself that.

The question will get your mind moving in a direction beyond everything that you currently know as ‘real and true’, and ‘possible’.

Do some kind of self-newness act today; think a new thought, do something new, something that has never crossed your mind to do before. Listen within for it.

“How would it be to do something today that I have never done before in my entire life, or even thought of previously? And what would that be?”

This is so exciting! Startle your mind – shake it up, make it think differently (because you can!) and open up to a greater use of your imaginative powers.

Change the pictures in your mind and your life changes too.

The reality is that if you feed your mind the same pictures (=imagination) everyday you continue to get the same experiences and results everyday too.

If you feed it new pictures however and imagine bigger and wider than before, you’ll get a new, improved, and more enjoyable life and reality.

You are in charge, or could be, of your imagination.

If you’re not in control of it, then who is? Think about that. It’s either you, or someone else.

And it really should be you, don’t you agree?

Your imagination, which is basically what you unconsciously visualize on a daily basis, is a preview of your reality, so take charge of it and make your life an amazing one!


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