coronavirus positive side

Coronavirus: On the positive side

There’s an upside to the Coronavirus crisis too.

It’s an opportunity for us to change our ways and start moving with Life instead of against it.

Here’s just a few positive things about the Coronavirus crisis:

  • Scientists have registered a decrease in air pollution levels in all the areas in the world affected by lockdowns.

The sky is getting clearer as there’s less traffic and because the factories are closing down and not polluting the air anymore.

This means the planet has a chance to heal itself now that humanity is not able to continue ruining it to the extent we have up until now.

Wildlife and fish is also returning, and the clarity of the water has improved dramatically as well. 

What kind of world do you prefer to live in?

  • By losing their jobs, many people will find their true calling in life.

And I truly feel for anyone who is going through the crisis of losing their job right now, but I also know that Life is calling them to finally align with their true path in life.

We are not here to merely work to get money, and this, what’s happening right now, is an opportunity for people to find out what they truly want to do with their lives.

The majority of humanity don’t like or enjoy their jobs, so now they have the chance to find their true calling and vocation in life.

Plus, the hard truth is that we are always guided towards change that would benefit us, whether it’s about leaving an unhealthy relationship, or a job that is unfulfilling, or to change careers etc, it’s just that most people don’t follow the guidance.

Most people don’t listen to the whispers, so a ‘brick’ like this Coronavirus crisis has to hit them on the head before they take action towards the change that Life has asked them to do (which is always a calling towards something higher.)

➤ “When the Universe knocks

Many people have heard the whispers but then ignored them, in some cases for years and even decades, and most of the time it’s because of fear.

They don’t know that when Life asks us to change something, we are fully supported in that change, and actual miracles would unfold if they just dared to believe.

➤ “How the ego keeps humanity small

What kind of work do you really want to do?

When you follow your highest calling, Life takes care of you.

  • Suddenly death is closer than ever before, and this will help increase the awareness of the fact that we only have this One Life.

Health is our greatest asset and wealth.

This includes not only physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being too.

No one knows what even tomorrow brings and by realizing this, many will start thinking more about what they really want, instead of continuing living an unfulfilling and stressful life.

What kind of life do you really want to live?

  • People are either coming closer together, or they will choose to part.

Divorce rates will most probably increase and there will be many breakups as well, but ultimately this too is a good thing because now people can free themselves from relationships that has either run their course, or that were never meant to be to begin with.

It may become very apparent for many that they are not with the right person and that they are no longer able to avoid their issues anymore.

It’s no longer possible to stay late at work or spend hours at the gym or at the pub after work anymore just to avoid being with their spouse.

If you’re with the right person, being together is supposed to be easy, not uncomfortable or awkward.

Many will discover that they don’t even like the person they are with, which is sad and heartbreaking, but it’s also for the good.

Now they can both move on and find someone they actually love and who they really want to be with and spend their life with with instead.

What kind of relationship(s) do you really want?

  • Family bonds are strengthened.

People are able to spend more quality time with their family, and this is always a good thing.

Many four-legged beings are also going to be happier as they can spend more time with their humans.

  • Mindfulness will increase, and values become more clear.

With people losing their jobs, many will become more mindful of what they spend and invest their money on so there’s going to be less consumerism.

People who invest in their personal and spiritual growth will learn that security does not come from money, but from within themselves.

The Coronavirus crisis can help people align with their true power and safety if they choose to go within and connect with that which is far greater than their circumstances: the Divine.

How do you truly want to feel and experience life?

Security and freedom is to be found inside ourselves.

  • People are kinder towards each other.

Human beings are inherently kind and helpful.

Even the toilet paper-hoarders will realize that if a neighbor came and knocked on their door and asked for a roll because they are empty, they would give it to them.

Kindness is inherent in every human being, it’s in our nature to be helpful and kind, it’s just that it has been conditioned out from some of us.

The majority of humanity is living through the conditioned self, the ego-self, who is mainly concerned about survival and therefor stuck in a mentality of scarcity and lack.

Until someone comes and asks them to help out with a roll of toilet paper..

Then their true nature can come forth and maybe even surprise them when they realize it actually feels really good to help other human beings.

And that’s when hoarding can fall away too, because what would the point be of just getting things for yourself if you are willing to also give it away?

Then it becomes obvious to just buy what you need, so that others can buy what they need too.

What kind of a human being do you want to be?

  • Businesses are coming together to help and collaborate.

Many businesses are helping each other out, discounts are being offered to clients and customers, and employees gets support as well in this time of crisis.

People and communities are coming together in many positive and uplifting ways.

The spirit of unity is growing and humanity at large is coming together in solidarity, which is a beautiful thing.

  • We are being reminded that the true joys and pleasures of life are most of the time completely free.

Such as being able to enjoy the outdoors, being in nature, going for walks, and so on.

Life had to take those things away from us so that we can learn how to appreciate them again.

What kind of things do you want to do more of in your life?

Things always happen for a reason, even if we can’t see it or understand it at the moment. Many times we can only see it later on when we look back after the crisis is over.

Here’s a post that can help anyone who’s struggling with trying to understand why we’re experiencing this right now: “The Taoist Farmer”- story.

  • People are showing more gratitude for each other and life itself.

Overall, people all around the world are just being more grateful and appreciative towards each other.

And now that we have been forced to ‘having nothing to do’, we are also given the opportnity to turn within, to spend time alone with ourselves and seek that something that exist beyond all the surface things of life.

Take social media for instance:

I think many people will begin to see how addicted they are now that they have an unlimited amount of time to do things that once was just a way to ‘kill some time’ or to escape boredom after they came home from work.

Many will choose to take a step away from all that and instead start reflecting on what’s actually important in life and how (and on what) they want to spend their time and energy.

So a lot of good things are happening too!

The time now is an opportunity for humanity to change our ways and get back in alignment with natural order and to that which is truly right for us.

Nature/Life is calling us back into harmony, and when we get into alignment with the flow of Life, that’s when our true life can begin to unfold.

A life of meaning, purpose, freedom and joy – and possibility.

“What do I really want?”

This is the most important question we can ask ourselves now and which will lead us towards greater fulfillment and a brighter future for us all.

There is a path for you that already exists. Say YES to it.

More on my thoughts about the Coronavirus crisis here: #CORONAVIRUS

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  1. Val

    I 100% agree, and truly believe this is all part of the mass awakening. Mindfullness is increasing at a rapid pace which is so great to see! It is so needed right now.
    I work with IT engineers and our company decided to offer everyone free memberships to apps like “headspace” and “calm”. Those kinds of apps and meditation in general is not something IT engineers particularly do, but I now have them reaching out to me and asking questions about meditation. Due to the spare time and the wonderful free perks they are given now, they have an opportunity to go deeper and do something (like meditation), that they probably didn’t consider before and would not have attempted if not for this situation.
    This is certainly the earths way of healing and cleaning herself, by sending us all to our rooms, lol! 🙏

  2. “by sending us all to our rooms” haha! Yes! 😊 That’s exactly what’s happening.

    I love what your company is doing, that’s awesome! 👍 So many good things will unfold from that.

  3. Lisa

    Hi Maria -thank you for your beautiful posts and perspectives during this unsettling time. After reading your article I just felt compelled to share something that brought me to tears this past Sunday. My husband and I were taking a drive after walking our dog and someone had put a big sign outside there house facing the road that read, “Everything will be alright.” I can’t tell you how surprised and touched I felt when I saw that sign, not to mention how grateful I felt. It’s exactly what I needed to hear even though I didn’t know that is what I needed.

    A few days later driving in the car with my husband and dog, we passed another house that had put out a sign
    that read, “This too shall pass.” I’m not sure these people realize the gift they are giving by such a small and simple gesture. Truly beautiful and yet so simple.

    One more thing, every time I go to the supermarket I feel compelled to express my gratitude to the people checking me out at the register. If not for them, this difficult situation would be so much more stressful. I’m sure many of these people don’t feel they have a choice but to show up at work. They are vulnerable, no protective gear, and yet they are exposed to many people everyday, but they show up and provide such a service and gift to society. Things that I’ve always taken for granted before, I feel such gratitude for now.

    Thank you for pointing out the good that exists in spite of this challenging time and thank you to everybody else for shining a light in all different ways!

  4. Lisa

    I wanted to add one more thing. I live in New York State which is now considered the epicenter of the coronavirus in the US, specifically NYC. The other day, our Governor gave a press conference and said that a request was put out to any health care workers, either retired, or currently working outside a hospital setting to sign up to be on reserve to help out hospitals should current health care workers become ill. 40,000 health care workers have VOLUNTEERED to be on call if needed. And over 6,000 mental health workers have volunteered to offer their service to assist a hotline for people who needed someone to talk to. Simply amazing.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa! 😊

    Yes, this crisis we’re in right now is absolutely showing the kinder and more compassionate side of humanity. I’m touched by it also.

    Every evening here at 8 PM everybody goes out on their balconies to show gratitude to all the health personal and other people that are working to help humanity and the communities.

    I’m in tears every time, and I’m also rejoicing in the realization that with all this gratitude that people are showing, we are also raising the vibration on the planet.

    Gratitude, love and compassion is on the rise! 😊

    And for those of us that are aware enough, we see all these different kinds of signs and messages that the universe is sending us, just like you did with the signs you’ve seen.

    And I also think that many people’s awareness will open up to seeing them too, even if they have previously been blind and blocked to seeing them, so that’s wonderful too.

    Humanity is waking up for sure, and now more than ever before, Life is speaking to us through other people as they feel naturally compelled to be uplifting and encouraging towards others.

    I love what you wrote about the people that work at the supermarket, yes, that too is so beautiful, and I believe many others feel the same way as you and I do.

    And your last comment, it brought me to tears, thank you so much for sharing that.

    I see a lot of the same here too, in different ways, and it’s truly beautiful and heartwarming.

    People are truly amazing in this time of change. 💜

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