Cutting The Cords Healing Session

10 Things You Could Cut The Cords To And Be Done With:

1.) Self-pity and victim-hood mentality. 

2.) Old career, job, or a professional role you play that you have outgrown.

3.) Alcohol, pot, or other drugs, addictions and addictive behaviors.

4.) Resentment and holding grudges. 

5.) Unhealthy relationships.

6.) Self-loathing, blame and shame. 

7.) Worrying about money and finances. 

8.) Procrastination and indecisiveness. 

9.) Fear of speaking up and voicing your opinions.

10.) Struggling with the process of spiritual awakening.

Instead You Could Choose To Embrace:

1.) Your ability to choose your perspective and your own innate power to make the positive changes in your life that you yearn for. 

2.) A new way of self-expression and service to the world (a new career path or professional direction in life). 

3.) A healthy and clear mind, free from addictions and self-soothing/medication by the use of substances (or food, porn, mindless shopping etc). 

4.) Forgiveness and letting go of the past. 

5.) New, loving people and relationships into your life. 

6.) Self-love and self-respect. 

7.) Trusting that you will be alright and able to handle any challenges that might come your way from a peaceful and calm place within. 

8.) Transformation and change, realizing that change is inevitable and essentially always good and it’s much nicer if you can make the choice for yourself than that your circumstances decide them for you. 

9.) Yourself! Being who you are and saying what you think and feel from a place of authenticity and self-confidence. 

10.) Letting Life/Truth take over the process of awakening and simply let it have its way with you.

There are so many things that you could be done and over with for good!

Think about what that could be about in your life

Whatever it is in your life that is negatively impacting and affecting you spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally, in my next distant group healing session I will focus on cutting the cord to energetic attachment it has on you.

I will focus on deactivating the energetic pattern and on cutting the cord to it – once and for all.

Think of something that is weighing you down, that makes you feel drained and tired (or even exhausted) and imagine yourself being freed from it.

It could be about events from the past, unhealthy habits, or the inability to move on from past hurts and pains (grief, grudges etc).

Would you like to be free from the ties to the past, the cords that hold you back?

Sometimes there can be something in your life that you don’t even know is holding you back, but you can feel that there’s something that has a hold on you energetically.

This healing session can help you cut the cord to those things and to energetically, emotionally and mentally disconnect from them, even if you don’t know exactly what it is that is holding you back.

You just know you want to move on, that you want to start afresh

This can be a very freeing and empowering healing experience as you are freed from the energetic attachments to the situations etc that you wish to be released from.

This next distant group healing session I will be conducting is going to be focused on an energetic clearing of the old, a cutting of the cord, the ties and energetic attachments to the old so that you can fully embrace the new.

Feel very free to share with me on the Distant Group Healing Community page on Google plus what specifically you want to cut the energetic cords with and I will focus on that as I go through the list of participants when I do the healing session.

Whether you choose to share it or not doesn’t matter as the healing energy knows exactly where to go and what to do in order to set you free from the ties that has burdened you and been weighing you down.

And if you happen to not have any idea of what it is then that’s okay too.

I will focus on cutting the cords to anything that is impacting and/or affecting you negatively or in any kind of unhealthy way and that can be literally anything so I don’t have to know specifically what it is for you. 

Whatever it is that is released is only that which is not serving you anymore.

I’m done with the old and ready for a fresh start!” Distant Group Healing Session is on December 14th at 6 PM CET/9 AM PST/noon EST (check your time on the registration page/link below).

Please visit info-page to register: 

Cutting the cords and ready to rise
If you’re ready to cut the cords and rise above and beyond where you are right now – Click on the image and join in on my next distant group healing session which will be held on the December full moon, the last full moon of the year. 

NOTE: I no longer offer group healing sessions.

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