Do something daring today

Grab life by the balls and LIVE!

Instead of being hesitant and timid, we should always live boldly and be committed to our own inner truth and the Truth of the moment.

Courageously trusting both ourselves and the flow of our lives by responding immediately to the guidance we get as if there was no other way to live.

As we go through life staying receptive and open to what Life wants, we are always blessed in ways we can never imagine for ourselves beforehand.

Be committed to your truth, to your values and to your true desires and be in the moment, and most importantly, be aware in the moment, about what Life shows you.

Information is everywhere, the universe is always communicating with us, always always, and it always wants us to move even higher.

When we learn to see things, and our life, from the point of view and perspective of the Universe, of Truth, that’s when life can unfold freely and unhindered.

When we see and live life from that perspective the fear of living life to the fullest vanishes because now our identification is in the right place. 

I invite you to connect with the flow of Life by doing something daring today, something you have been thinking of maybe but not had the guts to do yet…

Do it today!

I dare you..! 🙂


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The journey from Energy Awareness and Aligned Thought to FLOW:

The other day I was going through an old hard disk and found two of my books, Energy Awareness – How to use energy to change your life” and “The Power of Aligned Thought – How the mind works and how to use it”.

I wrote them in 2009 and 2010 and had more or less forgot about them so finding them was both fun and interesting.

It’s amazing to think back and see how everything…”

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