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How to Deal With Fear of the Unknown

How to deal with fear of the unknown is really simple if you think about it.

It’s simply by recognizing that we don’t know what will happen even 5 minutes from now.

And when we really realize that, then what choice do we have but to trust the unfolding of life?

The key is to show up and stay present with awareness of ourselves and what’s around us in this moment only.

When we have that awareness we can move forward from Here with a sense of peacefulness that naturally comes when we align ourselves with the Now.

We really don’t have a choice because every moment that follows this moment is in the Unknown, always.

In every single moment of life we are walking in the Unknown and nothing is ever certain or set in stone.

Things can suddenly change and turn events around that we could never had anticipated. 

We can never know what will happen even 30 seconds from now!

So staying in the present and being grateful for this moment and making the most of it will remove any fears you have.

Do what you can with what you have, change what you can change, and let go of the things you can’t and have no control over. 

Thinking fearful thoughts about what might happen is never helpful to anyone.

We are always in the Unknown and we can never have 100% certainty about anything.

So relax, be fully present in this moment, and enjoy and live life right now.  


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  1. Dave

    I’m learning and appreciating this, more and more Maria. A friend and I talk about this regularly. If we don’t listen to the ego then we are active in our own spiritual and emotional health by living in the moment. Most of my thinking was, and is unnecessary as it’s fear based ie wishing things hadn’t happened ie non acceptance and not learning and moving on, and projecting scenarios into the future and creating anxiety and fear ie not practicing trust and faith.
    Just some thoughts 😊. As I say to friends. “I’m just a Work in Progress”.
    Hope your well and thanks for your info over the years.

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