Defeat or Liberation; Your Call.

What Life is presenting for you right now is for your liberation.

You can feel beaten down by Life, throwing up your hands in the air in defeat and frustration, but you can also be open to realizing that everything is interconnected in infinite ways that we can never comprehend with our minds, and that we can open ourselves for the deeper meaning of what actually is happening, simply by surrendering to ‘what is’.

Everything serves our awakening, or Life’s awakening to itself.

The things that pisses you off, the things that aggravates you, the things that makes your heart smile and the things that makes it break, the sadness, the grief, the ecstatic feelings of bliss; all part of one big happening called Your Life.

All included.

It’s what we do with what is that matters, it’s how we respond to Life that matters.

If you see injustice in the world; how do you respond to it?

Do you pass YouTube-videos around to people who wants to hear your whining and complaining, or do you actually do something that is constructive and helpful with the information that you have?

Are you presenting any solutions, or just posting videos about the issues screaming “look at this horror!”..?

That to me is like shoveling piles of shit around hoping someone else will clean up the mess.

Complaining only adds to the issues and does not help at all.

Everything can be a source of inspiration to right action, and right actions always benefits the whole. 

The questions is; what do you do with the information Life presents to you?

Are you pushing uncomfortable feelings away, or are you attentive to what arises, and do you welcome whatever comes up for the simple reason that it is already here?

Do you let fear come up and be present if it wants to, do you let it flow through you without making it bad and wrong?

Do you let happiness flush over you, or do you think you don’t deserve it? Do you think it’s too good to be true, so you don’t welcome it for that reason?

Do you let Love in?

Or are you filled with resentment and agony of how unfair Life is?

Are you allowing forms and roles to be, functions being played out, without identifying yourself to be them? Or do you see yourself as just being a sister, father, employee, or victim of circumstances?

If you can’t see that everything serves Truth, if you feel stuck somehow, or victimized, then ask yourself what the circumstance you find yourself in is about, in reality.

Ask “What is true and real about this?” and sincerely listen to Truth as it reveals itself to you.

It’s never about the things you think they are. It’s never about victim-hood, it’s about freedom, a call for liberation.

How are you going to respond to it?

Can you let yourself get inspired to right action even when Life seem unfair, trusting that it’s all a part of a huge play where everything is playing their part – just the way they are – and where the only road-map you have so to speak, is your heart?

Are you willing to relinquish your small seeing, your judgments and your complaints, and instead welcome the whole picture without actually seeing it?

Are you willing to surrender your views, and to only walk by faith, one step at a time, knowing that all things has their place in this world?

Are you going to be defeated or liberated? Your call.

Either way; Life will keep doing it’s thing with our without your consent 🙂

How you respond to it is your contribution to the world.



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“… Life is, and then mind comes in with it’s comments and opinions about it and the egoic mind is never content with the present moment so it creates problems where there aren’t any. It makes the present moment wrong somehow, it wants it to be different. Problems come from thinking; nothing is a problem until you say it’s so…” :


“… The stories we make about the events is what makes us suffer and react from an dysfunctional place. “This should not have happened, it should not be this way, they should not have said that, I don’t want this, I want that over there, when will it manifest for me, when will  get what I want” (the endless waiting-game for fulfillment for the ego, who will never be satisfied with the present moment, and always wants to escape it). An endless stream of stories told in the mind, by the mind and then us (as in ego) mindlessly reacting to them! …” :


“… Being judgmental and filled with resentment is what causes emotional turmoil and inner chaos, but that is not to be confused with having preferences in life or in making discernment, we all have those (likes and dislikes etc), and it’s just what it is; preferences without judging the opposite to be ‘bad’ in some way. But attached with some kind of resentment, that is all the egos game. The key is to see it for what it is and bring ourselves back to this moment and accept it for what it is. From that place of acceptance insights can surface. We can never find solutions that has their base in resentment…” :

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The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.


  1. milla

    Hallo Maria!

    Thank you for keeping such a wonderful blog, it is full with good insights for me.
    I am writing you a comment to comfirm that I agree with the message in your post:
    yes, if things that happen to us we find we don’t like, they are actually a blessing. Very often the only negative things that happen to us are the things that hurt our ego:
    she is not a sincere friend ( TO ME), he didn’t say (I) am beautiful enough, my parents prefer my brother more instead of (ME)…you are right, it is always this endless game: i am not happy, because they did something that I didn’t like…

    but we can be happy, somewhere in Psalms and Proverbs in the Old testament God says: Do not seek honour with men, seek only honour from me.

    This is what i try to do: I quite often simply ignore what people think or say of me, if i don’t like it. Anyway i know neither I can like everybody.

    Instead I go to my own little corner and think of my relationship with God or enjoy the peace of nature…and I am happy.

  2. Thank you for sharing Milla, I loved especially the last sentence where you shared that you chose to have your attention on God instead 🙂

    Yes, it’s the relationship with God that is important, not the little me’s issues and insecurities.

    And yes, we can’t like everybody, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we can simply let it be that way, knowing that neither of us are wrong or bad; we simply don’t resonate, end of story. Nothing dramatic has to be added to it. (The ego loves drama!:)

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