Do a Disc Clean Up and Defragment Your Computer (Part 2 of 2)

OK, so I hope you did the clearing/deleting of cache?:-)

If not; here’s the post again:

It’s not a must-do thing – only it’s great to have enough room in the computer as well as a little more speed if you haven’t done this kind of clean-up for a while:-)

After you have cleared the cache it’s now time to do a disc-cleanup and defragment your computer:

Not only will you create more space but your computer will run much faster again without all the clutter.

Follow these 2 simple steps:

First, lets clean it up. Go to “computer”:














Right-click on (C:), select “properties”;








Click “OK”.








STEP ONE IS DONE! icon smile How To Make More Space Available In Your Computer (and make it run faster)

Next up is defragmenting your computer.

Now, this can take a while, actually it can take hours so a good idea is to let it work and do it’s thang when you don’t use your computer, like over the night.

Go back to “computer”.

Right-click once again, go to “properties” again, and then select “tools”

Click on “defragment now”








Done! icon smile How To Make More Space Available In Your Computer (and make it run faster)

It may take a while depending on how cluttered your computer is.

I suggest you do this every other month or so to keep it clean and happy – it will definitely run faster after you have done this, and it will open up more space for you to use.


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