First week in India (Delhi and Rishikesh)

It has been a very eventful week and a half but now I’m finally catching up on emails and writing etc etc.

I don’t even know where to begin so let’s just go back to the days surrounding my departure from Spain because at that time a lot of things happened at the same time.

For example my websites were hacked!

All my websites were, so I had to delete 6 of them and managed to get my main site up again with the help of a tech savvy friend, but it took a couple of days or so.

Anyways, that happened just when I was about to leave for India and there was nothing I could do basically as my journey to India took about 2 days all in all.

I flew via London and slept in the airport for one night, which was an experience in itself! 🙂

It was freezing cold when I arrived Gatwick and then took the bus to Heathrow to terminal 5.

Once there I thought to myself that this is going to be one challenging night because it was really cold but then I asked someone who worked there if they could tell me if there’s a warmer terminal and they said that terminal 3 is so I took the underground express train there and found a prayer-type of area where it was warm enough to sleep.

But that was nothing compared to when I left Competa, because the busride to the coast is not a joke for people who get carsick easily! I literally thought I would die haha 😀

Eventually I got to Malaga airport and on the flight to England and all in all everything went well, I really felt, and feel, that I’m being very well taken care of by Life/the universe.

I got good seats, met great people and finally arrived Delhi at around 1 am and a guy who sat next to me offered to come with me in a pre-paid taxi to the address in Dwarka where I would be staying for a few days because honestly, I was a bit scared.

All these taxi drivers who wanted me to come with their taxi, it was like nothing I had experienced before so I was so relieved when he offered to help me there.

The days that followed when in Dwarka was more or less spent in being glued to the computer to get my site back up again, but it was also a wonderful, wonderful time where I met Indian people and the converstations we had was awesome.

I love the openess, curiousity and spirituality about the people I met and became friends with, although I also expreinecd to be bombarded with personal questions, which I appreciated (I love real deep, open conversations) but which also at times felt slightly unomfortable.

That was just a little preview I think, because I have read about the curiosity of Indian people, and I like it, it’s real and creates a deeper connection between people.

Another thing is that I felt so pampered and taken care of, I don’t think I have ever met people who are more giving and respectful towards their guests and I appreciate it so much.

The area where I stayed was a community area and it had guards and it felt safe to be there, but when it was time for me to take the bus from Delhi to Rishikesh, oh my God, that was nothing I would want for anyone to experience.

The busride was hell although I can laugh at it now! 😀

It was a bit scary to be at the bus station in Delhi when it’s dark and I didn’t know that there’s a bus that is suppose to transfer people to the “real” bus station.

A guy wants me to get up on a bus with him I was like “yeah, right, that’s just not gonna happen”, but luckily I could call a friend who told me how the process works so I went on it.

Once at the “real” bus station I found my bus and went on it.

To make a long story short; the bus was 3 hours late, it was a bus from the 70’s and it was broken and had broken windows, one of them just where I sat.

It was freezing, ice cold wind blowing right at me for 7 hours or so.

It’s amazing I didn’t get sick!

Tip for India traveling: don’t drink anything while traveling because you can forget about being able to go to the toilet, and also, carry lots of 10 Rupees bills because you’ll need them.

The bus arrived Rishikesh early in the morning before sunrise and it didn’t stop in the center of Rishikesh but maybe 20 minutes or so outside the city in a dark place in the middle of nowhere.

Thank God there were 3 other people who were also going to Rishikesh so we shared a rickshaw, but I can’t remember how long it took because I thought I would die from freezing and  I was exhausted and tired.

It was so cold! During the day here in Rishikesh it can be up to 20 degrees celcius but at night the temperature can drop to a few degrees only and since it’s by the river Ganges it’s really chilly at night.

Anyways, now I’m here and today is my first day when I have had time to write and do some work, reply to emails and so on.

I’m staying at a guesthouse, in a dorm actually, that I share with 5 other people and I had only booked this for a couple of nights but decided today that I’m staying here until my first collaboration which takes place next week (it’s a retreat center here in Rishikesh) so I booked my bed until the 26th.

I kind of like it, the people are nice, I meet a lot of people from all kinds of countries, there’s hot water, clean beds etc so it’s great.

And cheap 🙂 Only 300 Rupees per night, which is about 4 euros/dollars.

Food is cheap too, I can easily have a meal for 2-3 Rupees, and speaking of food, I have not been sick so far – phew! 🙂

This is the first time I use a tablet to write a post and it’s a bit difficult but hope there’s not too many misspelled words etc.

I definitely feel that a laptop would be better so that’s on my wishlist, but until then the tablet will do.

Which I by the way was given by a complete stranger for free.

Life is truly good to me 🙂

More coming soon, stay tuned.


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