Deprogram Yourself: You were born to be free

When our life journey begins, we’re born into belief-systems and limitations.

We’re meant to grow through the limitations, not live them, as most of humanity is doing.

We all live our beliefs, but most people are not aware of even having beliefs that limit them because it’s on an unconscious level.

You need a certain sense of self-awareness and also courage to break free from what you have been born into.

As children we were subject to the beliefs, energies, and the atmosphere in our homes and in school and so on, and depending on where we were born, our minds were also influenced by religious beliefs and what was expected of you if you were a boy versus a girl and so on.

All these things programmed us and left deep-seated impressions in our subconscious minds that completely distorts our perception of reality and how life is meant to be lived.

We are unconditioned consciousness, but because most people never question their programming, their consciousness remains conditioned and limited because of false beliefs that they are not even aware of having.

If a child is born into poverty for example and grow up believing that that’s what life is, it will not be able to move beyond it unless they transcend their poverty consciousness.

If the child is strong-willed/independent, curious, inquiring, and so on (and manage to stay that way), it might discover that there is another way to live, even if no one in his/her family has ever experienced anything but poverty.

By imagining beyond ‘what is’, the child is able to grow up and break free from ‘what has always been’.

We are all able to rise above any situation or condition with the power that is within each everyone of us, but before that can happen, the person needs to first become aware of the limitations he/she lives by.

If the person does not redirect his/her mind in constructive ways the beliefs of the world will continue to control their life.

They need to dehypnotize themselves from the beliefs of the world that creates fear, worry, superstition, and all other kinds of limiting and negative things.

The limitations is what helps us grow; if you’re sick you naturally want health, if you’re broke you want money, if you’re hungry you want something to eat, if you’re whatever it is, you want the opposite of that.

But if you don’t believe you can have the opposite or an amazing and wonderful life, then you’re gonna continue succumbing and resigning to ‘what is’ because that’s how you’re programmed to live.

You basically accept your limitations and sometimes even argue for them and defend them if someone points to a different way to live where you actually can have both health, wealth, and happiness and all the other things that makes a good life.

Human suffering comes from the core belief that you should go to school, get an education, get a job to make money, find love, get married, get 2 and a half kids, a car, dog, and the white fence and all that.

Nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you really want. 

But it’s something we have been taught and basically trained to believe that that’s what life is about and not many ever question that so they pursuit those things thinking that’s the only path there is.

Only when the mind is occupied with what the world expects and demands will we continue to be bound to it.

We go through life thinking we have to live and behave in a certain way and are programmed to believe and think like those around us, but when we let go of all the adjustments we’re making in order to fit into the beliefs of the world, only then can we liberate ourselves and become free.

You are free to go in whatever direction you want, and when you do, consciousness follow, and you do that by imagining something better than what you have ever had before (or accepting yourself fully as you are) and then believing in the possibility of you having those things and experiences (or be who you really are).

There are no limitations to the power within you. You are unconditioned consciousness and free to dehypnotize yourself and ‘program’ yourself into whatever way of life you fancy.

It’s a matter of taking charge of your mind and becoming the Captain of your soul.

YOU be the programmer of your own mind, because it belongs to you, and not the world.

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